Welcome to ‘Kill Korona Koncert’ live online this Saturday evening

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MUSCAT – The Coronavirus pandemic has become a killjoy for music lovers around the world who are all dying to be part of live, pulsating music. But as the world adjusts to the new reality of a life dictated by the pandemic, which includes quarantine, social distancing, masks et al, here is something to gladden your hearts, or rather soothe both, your Corona-news bitten ears and your pandemic-fear-ridden hearts this Saturday evening.

Musical medicine

Popular event planners, Talent Hunters Oman, is all set to bring out the right musical “medicine” in this season of the virus and the pandemic. It is not known whether it will boost immunity from the dreaded virus, but that it will be music to the ears, one can guarantee.

Former youth icons

Talent Hunters Oman is presenting the ‘Kill Korona Koncert’ online this Saturday, August 29, from 7.30pm (Oman) and 9pm (India) and 3.30pm (GMT). “Here is some ‘Saturday Night Musical Fun’ for music lovers! Some of the former well-known youth singing icons will bring sweet music and songs to your ears and bring joy to your hearts,” said Dr Sanjay Dalal, who has conceptualised and directed this online musical feast.

Some hours free from Corona

“I guarantee that for some hours, it will take you out of this horrible tension-filled world of Corona!” Dr Dalal enthused.

Uniting for a musical cause

“All of these singers are from our earlier ‘Muscat Singing Icon’ competition fame. There are finalists, runners-up and winners of this previous competition. “But the best part is that they have all teamed up for this cause to bring musical joy during these trying times,” Dr Dalal said. Some are from Muscat itself, but others are from the United Kingdom, Australia and various cities from India. “We also have our own singing sensation, Munther Hassan,” Dr Dalal noted.

Amazing experience

“These were all young ‘singing gems’ of yesteryear and now they have all grown up and have become ‘young guns’! Some are doctors, IT professionals, chartered accountants, engineers, nurses…

“For me, it has been an amazing experience to get them all together for this live online musical show.

I am blessed

It is their zest and drive that has propelled me to do this show. Many of them have not discontinued their singing passion, in fact, some of them are excellent singers; even small-time playback singers. Some of them are prize winners at college and university competitions, and realty shows on TV channels.

“It was wonderful to team up with all of them – I am blessed!” said Dr Dalal.

Subscribe to Talent Hunters Oman

To view the show, one needs to subscribe to Talent Hunters Oman. “Click ‘Reminder on’ or click ‘interested’. For live viewing, click on the following links: https://www.facebook.com/.talenthuntersoman/live or https://youtu.be/jGPvwgCFu9Y

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