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Redeeming Anguish

Tales of gloom and despair abound everywhere you go today. But, amidst this gloomy background emerges some knights in shining armour. A group of benevolent lawyers, under the Fak Khurbah banner, have come forward to rescue some poor souls languishing in jails and bringing them out in time to celebrate Eid with their families.

To redeem their anguish…


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A ‘STRAY’ Story.

If everyone took home one stray cat or dog…
If everyone in a locality, unite to neuter all strays in their area…
If proper animal welfare legislations and proper planning is initiated…
If government support was given to engage in a national campaign to employ humane best practices…
If some TLC was given to these poor creatures…
…there would be NO need for culling.
Read on about it in this issue of B&W’s: A ‘STRAY’ STORY


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Asli Khanjar?

Reports that fake khanjars existed in the market prompted Black & White to go on a fact-finding mission to find out whether this was true. B&W spoke to khanjar makers, specialists and those from the government entities concerned and soon found out the answer.
What is it?
Do fake khanjars exist in the market or not?
Read and find out…


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No more human jockeys

A camel race in Sohar has, for the first time, featured robots at the reins. History was created when robot jockeys – instead of human ones — were introduced on the backs of the camels at the seventh annual local camel race (2009 to 2010) at the Sohar race track. The introduction of machine-mounted camels on the race track was thefirst step in safeguarding the ancient heritage of camel racing through modern technology.


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Black & White Oman

Neither are we a social media, nor are we addicted to it – we are simply the fourth estate. We tell it in black and white; we tell it as it is.
And if you need to tell it as it is, tell it to us – tell it to the Black & White.

Give them their rights before they demand
Children have rights – let us reach out to them and tell and teach them about their rights before they reach out to us and demand for their rights!

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