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January 2019

Black & White Oman

Black & White magazine captures the true essence of Oman, with its original and truly Omani cover stories, out every 25th of the month.

Child first: January 2019 edition

Oman has always put the rights of the children first. While it was ranked first for upholding children’s rights in Gulf Cooperation Council region some years back, recently, it was noted to be the first country in the Middle East region to map child well-being and empowerment with a composite index that it developed for its own use. It is a country that is friendly to the rights of the child.- January 2019 edition


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No more human jockeys

A camel race in Sohar has, for the first time, featured robots at the reins. History was created when robot jockeys – instead of human ones — were introduced on the backs of the camels at the seventh annual local camel race (2009 to 2010) at the Sohar race track. The introduction of machine-mounted camels on the race track was thefirst step in safeguarding the ancient heritage of camel racing through modern technology.


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Tomatoes on the jebels

It was a unique experience for the B&W team to go up the magnificent Jebel Akhdar and meet the young farmers who are trained to take up tomato farming using greenhouses. The farm is set 2000 metres above sea level, on a corner of Oman’s most spectacular and beautiful regions of Al Hajar mountain range.


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Black & White Oman

Neither are we a social media, nor are we addicted to it – we are simply the fourth estate. We tell it in black and white; we tell it as it is.
And if you need to tell it as it is, tell it to us – tell it to the Black & White.

Give them their rights before they demand
Children have rights – let us reach out to them and tell and teach them about their rights before they reach out to us and demand for their rights!

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Ask doting parents of several kids whom they love the most and they would simply say they love them all. Similarly, we can’t say which of our stories we love the most because well, we love them all. Still, here goes…(Don’t tell the other stories we featured these three here!)

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