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Black & White magazine captures the true essence of Oman, with its original and truly Omani cover stories.

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“Men and women of goodwill will appear in our lives at the right moment!”

“Let us pay attention – as did the king of history – to these signs. May we also appear in other people’s lives, especially those who need us, without asking too much, to just generously share our human condition with them” says Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian author.Read more

B&W Lobby

We have been lobbying for various social needs since we began our journey: awareness stories on traffic, children’s rights, the plight of the obese, and others. We pledge to continue lobbying for the common good. Join us in our awareness lobbies. Read More in B&W January 2019

B&W Live: Causes & Effects

“Championing causes”. That is the route we took to organizing events, small and big, mostly with a cause and bringing in international artists and speakers and world-renowned achievers. These events helped us to develop business relationships, build partnerships, and also brought us the people of Oman closer to the B&W theme.” Read More.

A song for an unsung Omani heroine

“This is a folklore on Hareer bint Abdullah, daughter of Sheikh Al-Abyad, the White Sheikh of Dhofar. It is sung by Al Ghazal bint Salim bin Rabia, who is Hareer’s daughter. The song briefly delves into the history of the brave Hareer and highlights many of her exploits. Read More in People 2016

PEOPLE – AL NAS – 2020

A special year – 2020, a special occasion – 50th National Day, and a special tribute – special edition of People, Al Nas by the PEOPLE to the people of Oman. The 50th National Day of Oman marks a very special anniversary as the country celebrated the outstanding achievements of the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the people of Oman.

Veering off the usual path, PEOPLE celebrated the occasion with a different set of interviews, not just with the heroes of the Sultanate’s past, but also with the budding heroes of tomorrow and let their voices be heard.

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    Check out the 2019 editions of Black & White , In-the-PINK and PEOPLE

    Oman Forward

    There is no better time than now for all of us: Omanis as well as the expatriates living in the Sultanate: to not only pledge allegiance to our beloved country, our new leader and/or second home and work harder than ever before! What can you do for your country? What is your vision of the Omani dream? B&W posed a few queries to the citizens, residents, and former residents of the country in the light of recent happenings. Although each and every one of them had their own version to say, the one underlying factor was their unmistakable love for Oman.

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    People – Al Nas– 2019

    Every year, the Black & White magazine pays humble tribute to the true spirit of Oman by celebrating the hitherto untold stories of the people of the ’70s. These are the heroes who helped shape this nation under the wise guidance and support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. This year, B&W’s annual bilingual edition, PEOPLE, once again revisits the past and profiles some of the men and women who had risen to the challenges of the 70s and the later years following their great leader in his successful quest to build this great country – Oman!

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    Don’t you want to be in the PINK?

    PINK, in its second edition details the salient points of the compulsory health insurance, which is on its way to be implemented in Oman; takes a close look at the problems of obesity; we wonder aloud as to why drinking milk suddenly seems to be out of fashion; we delicately touch upon the hair fall issue bedeviling most men and also looks at various other health issues. So, come, take that first step on the ladder of good health! Flip these pages and get into this PINK of health!

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    Asli Khanjar?

    Reports that fake khanjars existed in the market prompted Black & White to go on a fact-finding mission to find out whether this was true. B&W spoke to khanjar makers, specialists, and those from the government entities concerned and soon found out the answer. No fakes, only ‘asli’ khanjars in the market! Do fake khanjars exist in the market or not? What exactly is a ‘fake’? If a product’s essential quality is being diluted, or in this case, if the percentage of silver in a khanjar is very low and its overall quality is less, shouldn’t it be called a fake?

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    Black & White Oman

    Neither are we a social media, nor are we addicted to it – we are simply the fourth estate. We tell it in black and white; we tell it as it is.
    And if you need to tell it as it is, tell it to us – tell it to the Black & White.

    Give them their rights before they demand
    Children have rights – let us reach out to them and tell and teach them about their rights before they reach out to us and demand for their rights!

    Top Stories

    Ask doting parents of several kids whom they love the most and they would simply say they love them all. Similarly, we can’t say which of our stories we love the most because well, we love them all. Still, here goes…(Don’t tell the other stories we featured these three here!)

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    Other Publications

    More to read from the B&W Family….three annual publications.

    PEOPLE magazine, an annual edition, issued as part of the country’s National Day, features the people of the 1970s. It’s pays tribute to the human spirit and the country’s progress while adding a slice of local history. Out every November.

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    In the PINK, is the first and only English health magazine. Out every April/May, it focuses on local as well international health issues.

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    FOOTPRINTS, a quarterly travel magazine, featuring domestic and international travel industry stories. Take nothing but memories… Leave nothing but footprints!

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