“This crisis has become our biggest teacher!”

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Qais Al-Khonji
Director, Genesis International

The question on everyone’s lips is this: when will this terrible COVID-19 ‘season’ end? Unfortunately, that is one question, which does not have a ready answer.

But, one thing is clear: the pandemic has and will change our lives. It has also taught us many lessons.

Lessons that we have never learnt before, but ones, which we will never unlearn and which will create far-reaching changes in our lives!

At the moment, it has changed our lives for the worse, but slowly, we will understand that the COVID-19 will be changing it for the better. That is for sure. For, aren’t we witnessing this change already?

Social distancing is going to stay
Our outlook has changed in so many ways. On the personal front too, it has changed in many ways. It has brought in several lifestyle changes. This social distancing is going to stay and mind you, we will be continuing on the social distancing path even at the family level.

Enormous changes
On the business front, especially in terms of retail, we have seen enormous changes. There too, we expect to see this new system of social distancing to be a much-needed virtue.

In the future, we hope to see malls, restaurants and similar establishments to also practice social distancing in terms of occupancy. We would like to see restaurants reopen with a total of 30 percent of its original occupancy.

All these measures will definitely bring in a multitude of changes; the same is expected in the aviation and the public transportation sectors.

Virus can’t put mankind down
While the COVID-19 disrupted our lives in many ways, we took some steps back, but only to re-emerge with new ideas and means to counter the forceful retreat. For instance, we were forced to stay at home, but it didn’t stop us from working. Now, this has almost become the new norm, like social distancing. We can and we will work from home and we are going to produce results too. Of course, there is less customer interaction, but that will soon change. But, what did we learn from this? That we can work from home to near perfection and bring good results. No virus can put mankind down!

Will rebuild our lives
It is an undeniable fact that the corona virus has hit us where it hurts the most. It has taken lives, it has wreaked havoc in the lives of many families and it has disrupted businesses directly or indirectly. In short, almost everyone is affected.

But, when this pall of gloom is slowly lifted, we can be quietly proud of the fact that we, the human lot, are resilient beings.

Our optimism will shine through this darkness and guide us to the shore and we will rebuild our lives, better than before!

Embark on action with precaution
Has the virus made us more diffident; put us on the back foot? Yes, in many ways, but it has only pushed us back so that we can catapult ourselves into a new era. Of course, it has made us realise the dangers that exist in excesses. Every industry, ever sector and every home needs to embark on action but with precaution. We will move ahead but with open eyes and ears and not plunge into danger. We will take extra precautions and we will march on with a single purpose.

A future where everything will be valued
There are those out there who believe that it is only a matter of time when everything will become normal; that this crisis will end and we will all go back to our old ways of living. Unfortunately, that may not happen! Not that the crisis will not end. It will. But, we will not be able to go back to our old ways of living. The future will be one where each and everything will be valued and each action will have a definite purpose. We will not longer fritter away the thousands of opportunities that come our way purely because of indolence but we will grab them and push ourselves to climb new heights of excellence!

Safe from harm
Safety will also be one of the key elements in the new normal. We will make sure that we take appropriate measures to make sure that not only we, the people in an establishment, but the firm itself will be safe from all types of harm. Safety, will a value that we will uphold at the highest level.

Lessons we cannot ignore
As of now, the economies of most countries have been hit and while we may wish that it obtains a speedy recovery, the truth is that it will take some years for it to recover. That is the biggest challenge most governments will have to face.  But even the challenge has an underlying lesson. A lesson, which we cannot, and should not, ignore!

For, somehow, we have let this crisis happen to us and the worst part was that we were least prepared for it. So the lesson here is that we must understand that crises could happen again, but we will be prepared for anything from now on!

Online is the way of education too
And as we speak of economies, we must look at how the educational scene has been affected big time by this crisis. But as the educational institutions remain closed, from its ashes rose a new way of teaching and learning – the online way! And today the educational system has metamorphosed into a huge online segment with students hooked on to their computers and laptops bringing in a collective sigh of relief from their anxious parents.

Responsibility towards society
As we move on, facing these challenges, a key element of understanding is taking shape. We must all agree that as individuals, we have a responsibility towards the society. At the outset, let us learn to follow the orders. Here, I refer to the announcements made by the Supreme Committee. Let us comply with their rules, as all of it is being issued only for our benefit.

In the same manner as we follow these rules, let us also unite in spirit and understanding to do our bit to bring down the rising number of people being infected with COVID. And let us not add to these numbers.

If we put our heart and soul to it, we will make miracles happen. All we need is to patiently bide our time.

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