The Rainbow Sandwich

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By Siegrun Samira Rengert

After surviving this pandemic we learned that health is the most valuable possession of our times and no money in this world can give it back to us once it is lost.

At Filfil & Loomi we baked breads, cooked wholesome foods, tested new recipes and tickled our taste buds with exotic ingredients. The most satisfying part was that Omani farmers stepped forward and brought their amazing produce to the local market using new marketing channels.

So let us celebrate our journey to stronger health with an amazing sandwich completely free of gluten and it could be vegan too if you want but we like a little more texture and added some animal protein to it.

You can be very creative with the filling as long as you stuff it with lots of healthy vegetables, sprouts, tofu or whatever you desire. It makes a great school snack as it will not get soggy but stays crunchy and fresh. Did you know that a capsicum contains more vitamin C than a citrus fruit?

Rainbow Sandwich


1 Yellow, orange or red capsicum (bell pepper) cut in half and seeds and stem removed

½ Avocado

1 Boiled chicken egg or 4 quail eggs, peeled and cut in half

Some hummus/ dijonnaise / cottage cheese/cream cheese …..

Smoked salmon/ chicken/ canned tuna/ tofu / slice of cheese……

Tomato slices

Lettuce/ Radicchio/ Rocca …

Thin slices of red onion

Cucumber slices

Sprouts/ microgreens/ nuts/ seeds


Cut one capsicum of your choice in half; remove the stem and seeds inside. Place the flesh of ½ avocado into one side of the capsicum along with half an egg. Place the other part of your boiled egg into the other side of the capsicum and add your desired spread on top. Now start piling it up with all the goodness: animal or plant protein, lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, sprouts etc. Press both parts of the capsicum together and enjoy.

About Siegrun Samira Rengert :

Siegrun Samira Rengert runs Filfil & Loomi with a mission to support parents and schools on how to bring up healthy children in Oman. Trained as a vegan chef, she organises farm trips for school kids, food educational sessions in schools and kindergartens, workshops for parents and encourage wholesome cooking for children – all through her social media.

She is also a founding member of Slow Food Muscat, an international network, which promotes clean, healthy and fair food for all.

In her earlier avatar, she ran the first cookery school for amateurs in Dubai, known as ‘Cooking Sense’.

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