How about a 365-days’ vacation from everything?

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By Priya Arunkumar

What if you get a 365-days’ break from all daily routines; a total break from what you like and hate the most?

I was also in the audience when the self-help coach posed this question to the crowd. Although the idea was quite enticing and the concept ‘thought provoking’, I sort of doodled around the question as I didn’t have an answer.

A goal for the next five years

This same coach had earlier asked us to list out all our goals: a goal for the next 30 days, then, for the next six months and a goal for next five years.

Whew! Complicated. Where do they get all these ideas?

I had no answers for both save for a nagging self doubt: Am I the only clueless, goalless individual in this whole wide world? Am I the only one who wouldn’t jump to the offer of a year’s break from everything (even metaphorically speaking)?

An honest answer

I clenched my fist, closed my eyes and tried to answer both the questions in all honesty. My heart spoke: No way (to both the queries)!

Honestly, I don’t think there would be even one individual out there who will pour out their souls on a self-development seminar; we are all slaves to our own secret living. And somehow (don’t ask me how) don’t all the routines you have created for yourself help you get through your daily tasks?

So I decided it is smarter to break down the question into many parts, to suit my convenience.

You want to live my life?

Do I need a 365-days’ break? A year of my life and living… Wow!

I soaked in the idea and wondered what if there was really someone out there who could come in and live my life, even if it is for just 365 days? I plopped down on a cushion, with a writing pad last year, and am still on it.

Press pause for 365 days

Is it possible to just pause my 365 days?

Am I not too important for that?

No daily routines, chores, thoughts, emotions, people around, no anything?

Not a bad idea, though. What would I do in the meanwhile?

And what is it I like on my day, every day for all the 365 days?

And what is it I hate the most?

Am I willing to give all of it away to someone and allow myself to be an outsider for a year, with an insider view to my own routines and schedules?

Not many takers would be out there.

I like my likes and my hates

And no, I am not ready yet.  I guess I am one of those insufferables who like their likes and their hates.  I wouldn’t want to trade any of my routines, or my likes or even my hates.  Also, most of my routines are neither fixed nor fixated; and again, I would calmly give it up before I make a habit of the routine. I wouldn’t let it grow roots!

Each day – an unrepeatable miracle

How many times have you jumped in to a pre-planned 365-days’ routine, just because somebody else told you that you should?

Not me. Not one day of my life is pre-planned; not one day is the same and nor can it be repeated. That’s why each day, each moment, is called an unrepeatable miracle.

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