“Post crisis, can we all pledge to eliminate injustice?”

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Rania Hussant
Homemaker and blogger (@thehelicoptermommy) (OMAN)

This global pandemic has affected every living creature on this globe and on many levels.

As far as I am concerned, I have become busier than usual. Even before this crisis, since I am blessed with five young and very active kids, I was always having my hands full and I was a really busy mother; my kids ensure that! Many refer to me as the helicoptermommy! In fact, I have a blog by the same name (@thehelicoptermommy).

Put some things on hold
Before the advent of the Corona virus, I used to spend most of my time driving back and forth tending to my children’s daily activities. I was a prolific blogger and my blog (@thehelicoptermommy) used to keep me quite busy, and it also used to require that I hold various meetings plus engage in event-planning discussions.

But, currently, I have put a hold on all social activities of my blog, while still being active by holding live online sessions and collaborations.

Something good out of something bad
The virus has hit the world badly. It has disrupted — and in some cases even destroyed — lives. Daily, the media feeds us with these sad tales. But, without undermining the sheer tragedies that the virus has caused in the lives of people, I want to raise a point. I am someone who really believes that there is something good even in something bad; I believe that there is always something positive behind even this current difficulty, although we are not able to see it now. The bad comes with something good, but it is hidden from most eyes!

Getting to spend more time with children
In my case, the small consolation that I have is that the lockdown has helped me spend more time with my children! With a temporary ‘lockdown’ of my blog and education and learning becoming online for the moment, I am able to not only spend more time with my children, but also enjoy doing things with them hitherto unexplored. These are of course, simple family-related relaxations and enjoyments but they mean a lot. Currently, we thoroughly enjoy the family badminton competition that we have on a regular basis!

Drastic lifestyle and workplace changes
This crisis is going to have drastic changes in lifestyle and our workplaces are also going to be affected. In fact, I believe that our future is going to be a lot different from what we have been accustomed to. Although I say this, I don’t think at this stage, other than saying that our future will be altered, we have the means to exactly predict what kind of changes it will be. Yes, we can base our assumptions on the current changed scenarios.

Digital transformation has begun
On the surface level, we can roundly say that remote working and digital transformation will definitely be part of it. Many online courses and activities are already being implemented for children and adults alike. For example, we can even book a virtual party for our children where they can directly interact; they can swing and dance and have fun with their friends – all by means of a TV/monitor’s screen.

We are going to be different
Apart from the digital transformations and having a more virtual prone life, what I strongly believe is that none of us are going to come out of the COVID-19 period as the same person that he or she was before that. For the better or worse, we are all going to be bitten by this virus in more ways than one and we are going to be much different people than what we were.

Pledge to end injustices
My only hope, wish and prayer, is that when all of this is over, we will hopefully emerge out of it as better human beings. What I would really want is that we humans make a conscious effort to end injustices of all kind, especially the type of injustice that we heap on other humans! I also hope and believe that we will come out of this crisis by making real efforts to genuinely respect Mother Earth.

Can’t ensure children’s safety
As I write this, I am also aware of the challenges ahead. The biggest one, according to me, is that we will not be able to fully ensure our children’s security and wellbeing. The current crisis has totally flipped our children’s world upside down. There is also a general feeling that we have been robbed of our freedom. But, I am someone who refuses to surrender.

Learned to adapt to changes
Having said that, I believe we have managed to quickly adapt to the changes that are before us. Look at how quickly most of us absorbed our e-learning experience and made it our part. We continue to provide new learning opportunities for our children as well as ourselves through various online activities.

Waiting for the proper tide
Another point I want to emphasise is that we should not allow ourselves to succumb to the weakness of worrying. It won’t serve us in any worry. In contrast it adds up to a person’s anxiety and stress. I strongly encourage everyone to take things on a daily basis and one at a time.

Let us take this firm stance of living on a day-to-day basis and doing what we have to do until the proper tide lifts our boat! And until then, let us continue to wage our war against the crisis.

Spread goodness and positive vibes
Let us, without fail, continue to take the required measures to protect ourselves as well as others from this virus! Let us continue to strictly maintain social distancing and properly following the hygienic routine; exercising at home and consuming healthy food and eating nutrients on a daily basis.

On a personal level I am working on implementing new meditation skills where my main focus would be to spread goodness and positive vibes to the people around me and those who are dear to me but are currently away. I am also taking it as an opportunity to reach out to anyone who is in need of support.

And above it all, let us not forget to continuously pray for the goodness of the human race!

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