Changing the mindset

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By Khalil Al Khonji

Transformation as a socio-economic movement has the potential to bring about positive, vibrant, vision-driven and groundbreaking success in business practices. The implementation of the ideas generated by the Transformation Movement requires, above all else, a new outlook and perspective in the business mindset.

Over a period of years, few people have understood the need for a Transformational Movement in the market. Oman needs to realise that evolving corporate legislation will enforce stability through more accountability, structure and cooperation. In essence, we have been given a more stable platform for greater creativity, success and reliable growth. The business community’s response has been a gradual, but fundamental, shift in strategy, operations and worldview.

The Transformational Movement is not, however, specific to Oman. Indeed, markets around the globe following the principles of this Movement have benefited from the positive results. They have introduced transformational changes, which saw a shift in business mindset, a better level of organisational principles, and more accountable business conduct, all of which are designed to support a new business, and larger economic, direction.

Changing the Mindset
At the regular meetings of Majlis Al Khonji, business community members andothers meet to discuss general progress and generate ideas that may lead to yet more progress. The conversations support the exploration of new thoughts, ideas, principles – all with an intent to progress and strengthen our business community. And we are making progress!

At Majlis Al Khonji, we strive to meet the need for an open forum in which Omanis and non-Omanis alike may discuss issues in the economy, ways to improve business conditions, possible means to support the larger business community and to promote public initiatives and progressive economic and business concepts for society’s greater benefit.

Our philosophy is that socio-economic progressiveness is based on societal mindset. As the world changes, the ability of the local community, both Omanis and residents, to adapt, cooperate and to be responsive for the benefit of our economic community is critical. These characteristics start with progressive thinking and lead to positive transformation which leads to sustainable economic prosperity.

Majlis Khonji
The idea of the Majlis as an open forum to promote community well-being and progress is not new. My grandfather, a well-known businessman, started commenced the first session of Majlis Khonji in the 1920s. He and my father understood, and taught me, that success in any business collaboration will ultimately depend on the health of the businesscommunity at large: one supports one’s own business by supporting the business community. Taking my family principles forward following my academic graduation in 1986, I included business people from other markets to better understand what opportunities may be introduced to economy and our society, and make it a point to adapt my perspective on socio economic issues when doing so would promote positive transformation . This openness remains an important feature of Majlis Khonji.

We bring in speakers from all walks of life to reflect on societies and changes brought in by transforming individuals. From Majlis Khonji, we move the meetings to different destinations for greater public access. For example, we recently had an illuminating discussion on the non-violence teachings of Mahatma Gandhi at Muscat University by Abdul Nabhi Al-Shula (who has written an interesting book – ‘Gandhi and Arab and Muslim Issues’ —
and earlier we have visited the Botanical gardens, Oman French Museum, Alsadia School and Sidab women handicrafts etc.

Our commitment to progressive socio-economic development through open communication, adaptive thinking and support for the business community by offering a multitude of perspectives plays a part of the Transformational Movement as we see it in action here.

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