How does it feel to hold the revamped B&W in your hands?

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If there were no limits to what we can do, we should be able to do anything, right?
If there were no limits – imagine how our life would turn out to be!
This is the adage that we tried to apply with Black & White the moment we took the decision to revamp it.  Revamp…? Well, not just revamp, we decided to relaunch our magazine.

Dream big
But before we did all that, we just let our imaginations run wild. We told ourselves that it was time we gave up our fears; it’s time that we dared; or rather, it’s high time that we dare to dream big and stopped being petty and small and stuck in this mire we have got ourselves in.

Okay, we have our own run of problems. We have people hounding us; we are battling legalities; our hearts pound at each simple knock at the door; we walk through a maze of infernal curses; painful reprimands and dire threats. We see the far side of the moon everyday and we have touched rock bottom and beyond.

Now, frankly, there is nowhere to go; there is no clear solution in sight and this dark tunnel looks endlessly paved with a stretch of sinister-looking blackness…
So, what to do now? Should we wrap it up? Should we fold the towel and should we close shop, pack our bags?
We let loose a volley of queries to ourselves: should we let all of these problems drag us down? Should we be blinded by the ugliness of our current existence and destroy the clear and beautiful vision within us?
Shouldn’t we shrug off the vermin creatures that still want to drink the blood from even our spiritless souls?
Shouldn’t we just shrug like Atlas and move right on ahead?

Yes, our hands are full (with problems). We are loaded! Our backs are breaking!
But, aren’t there people out there in the same boat? Or maybe even worse: they are sinking?
When the boat sinks, shouldn’t we swim to the shore?  Or, should we just sink with the dead (weight of our problems)?
Wait, there’s more to life than problems!
Yes, our eyes have opened to the fact that we should not settle any less than what B&W is worth!

Starting anew
So, after certain ruminations, here we are before you with the same innocence we had when we began in 2009. We want to start anew. We want to retain the essence of B&W, which is quintessentially Oman and all things Omani but perhaps with a slight international twist.

Local yet global
We decided to go loglo (eh?!) – that is, we are: local as well as global.  We remain true to Oman, rooted to the ground, but we don’t mind reaching to the world and also inviting all of you out there to participate. We are not going to tell you now or how, but as we go on, you will find out.  You will experience it! You will be part of it!
This element would run like a recurring theme across our revamped output(s), the first of which we hope you are holding in your hands now.

Hand-in-hand towards the horizon
Everything, from a set of columns, which would cover local, regional and international angles; with our prime focus on Unique Oman of course, plus, being fully immersed in social change and championing causes and as equally promoting all things good, big or small, we will not be isolating ourselves from you, but, instead, doing everything possible to link with you, come closer to you and hold your hands as we walk jointly towards the new horizon.
So, shall we?

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