Omantel takes concrete steps to bolster cyber security

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MUSCAT – As businesses, organisations and individuals have begun to exceedingly depend on the Internet and telecommunications for business and services, the need for data security and cyber defense cannot be emphasized enough. Omantel has remained steadfast in aligning its efforts with Oman’s national information security strategy, which is based on international best practices, while understanding national and regional service demands.

Commenting on this, Abdullah Hamood Al Barwani, GM Corporate Security from Omantel said: “Telecom networks are the backbone of any information exchange. They are usually the target of malicious and criminal attacks – especially with recent developments in IP-based communications networks.  These systems are subject to all forms of digital sabotage, data privacy violation and theft. Therefore, data integrity and security become a priority for us at Omantel”.

Al Barwani added: “Omantel understands these potential threats and works relentlessly to safeguard its systems on which Oman’s corporate organizations rely on. The company is one of the pioneering organizations to adopt the best international standards, policies and practices in information security and was among the first companies globally to adopt and implement the ISO 27701 for privacy and data protection which is scheduled to be completed in 2020. It is worth mentioning that obtaining the ISO Certificate, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCO-DSS) and Content Management Interoperability Services Certificate (CMIS-OEM) are a testimony of the company’s data security initiatives”.

“Omantel takes pride in maintaining a clean record while protecting the privacy of customers as the company does not sell, trade or lease any personal information. The company’s advanced risk management framework is based on internationally recognized best practice. Omantel has implemented the guidelines and practices of the GSM Association (GSMA), an industry organization representing interests of mobile network operators worldwide.  Omantel has also works closely with GSMA in the development of global security guidelines for Internet of Things (IoT) and was among the first companies to implement GSMA guidelines on obtaining business opportunities in this field. In recognition of its contribution to the GSMA vision, Omantel was awarded the ‘IoT Security Champion Award” concluded Al Barwani.

Omantel’s one of the main achievements in Cyber Security, the around clock Cyber Defense Centre with a noticeable development from 0.8 to 2.9 in a period of no more than two years according to the CMMI rate and uses artificial intelligence to achieve response to security incidents. In 2017, Omantel launched its information security strategy to secure its own assets and those of its subscribers. To protect the assets, Omantel uses advanced technologies to discover, classify and protect data in all systems, whether that data is in motion or at rest. The implementation of international standards such as  the ISO 27701 for the data protection and privacy in critical systems ensures that Omantel has a comprehensive and structured management of other associated protection initiatives.

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