“Let us just focus on the NOW”

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Carlota Alvaro

Assistant director of sales, Orascom Hotels (OMAN)  

There comes a time in our lives when realization dawns. When our eyes and hearts open out to the reality of life, which is beyond the usual glitter of a world that fools you into believing that everything you touch is gold. While such awareness comes into life by practicing mindfulness, sometimes the trueness of life might hit you otherwise. Like with the COVID-19. It caught us unawares and also caused untold suffering to many of us. But at the same time, for some, it also opened their eyes.

I am one of them.  

Separating the grain from the chaff

COVID-19 changed my outlook on life. It made me realize the importance of life, family, friends, and the value of being together. In a matter of time, it taught me what was really important and separated the grain from the chaff. I have never felt this way before. Of course, I loved my family and friends and I truly understand the value of being together too, but then over the period of time, work, other distractions have blinded me to what I really want in life.

Took everything for granted

At the other end, it also jolted me awake to the pure freedom that all of us had enjoyed during the pre-COVID scene. Imagine the untold freedom we all enjoyed. But we never appreciated it. We just took it for granted. We just didn’t appreciate the good things in life. Why didn’t we appreciate the good times when we had it in our hands? Now, when it has completely slipped out of our hands, we want it back; we want to go back into the past.

A tight slap

So, well, to those like me who have neglected to understand and value all the valuable things we had for free and enjoyed so much, it was a tight slap. And it woke us up! At least it woke me up!

Appreciate everything now

Now I appreciate every single aspect of my life: I appreciate all the blessings that I have been endowed with, my family, my work, my friends; the fact that I am alive and breathing, that I am healthy and happy and that I can sit here and write this…everything! And I also know how important it is to be prepared for all the changes around us. And also for all the changes that are still going to happen.

No one expected this severe “storm”

As I have stated earlier, no one knew such a severe “storm” was going to hit us. And no one was prepared either to face it or to understand what to do with it as the virus attack unfolded in our lives. As we sit and ruminate here, so many people are suffering, having lost loved ones; having lost jobs; and facing dire circumstances, most of which are way beyond control.

Countries are facing severe economic crises and this is having a ripple effect on the livelihood of the people. There too people are only looking at living with the bare necessities and eschewing extravagance. 

Severe impact on businesses 

The impact on businesses across the world is severe and saddening as even popular names have stopped their business and their staff relinquished their jobs. It is all-around misery. With oil prices spiraling down, more problems are cropping up in the near horizon. The question on every lip is: what next?

But, as we wonder what to do, how to cope with the impact of one of the biggest crises to hit our lives, we would like to take a stray thought to the scene after the aftermath of the COVID-19 too. 

Challenges post COVID too

One can only imagine the challenges facing all of us post-COVID. Will we be able to cope with all the new ‘normal’ that we would have to live with, including the fact that there will be much fewer jobs in the market and unemployment expected to soar?

Take one step at a time 

But let us not worry too much about what is going to happen in the distant future. Currently, let us focus on the now. For that is one of the biggest lessons of COVID: focus on the now. Live fully in the present and take one step at a time. We will make it! We will face the future when it happens!

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