Lakhoos Exchange introduces Omani staff training program in India

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MUSCAT – Lakhoos Exchange has initiated a special training program for its workforce in collaboration with Federal Bank in India to enhance skills and growth opportunities.

The inaugural team of Omani staff members of Lakhoos Exchange are back after they underwent an intensive three-day training program covering various topics in association with Federal Bank, a leading bank in India that is also the company’s correspondent agent as well as for cross border payment to India.

The training was held at the Federal Academy of career excellence, Federal Heights, Aluva, Kerala, India.

Reflecting on the program’s success, Rajendra M Ved, Director of Lakhoos Exchange said, “The Sultanate of Oman has given us the opportunity to become one of the fastest growing remittance companies. We have pledged our support to the Omani program and we will relentlessly strive to fulfill the Oman’s leadership’s vision of empowering Omani nationals by increasing growth opportunities and developing skilled workforce to drive the economy to greater heights.”

The participants, employees in charge of branches and cashiers along with head office coordinator, went through training in introduction to banking, remittance operations, digitization in India, NEFT/ RTGS/ Rupee drawing arrangement, dealing and treasury, cash handling techniques and detection of counterfeit notes, information and technology and cyber threats, customer care and services, Knowing Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering compliance guidelines regulatory requirement, business communication and client interaction.

“With the tradition and legacy for more than a century in Oman, it was always a constant endeavor of Lakhoos Group to empower the Omani National workforce. This Omani staff training program is definitely adding value to the staffs as well as to the organisation, noted Umesh Ravindran, General Manager.

The training was conducted by high profile members of the Federal Bank consisting of Deputy Vice Presidents and senior managers of the respective specializations. In addition, the participants also had interaction with the Managing Director and CEO, Shyam Srinivasan, who is known to have coined the statement, ‘Digital at fore and human at core.’ Shalini Warrier, Executive Director of Federal Bank, provided an insight into financial operations and emphasized on the importance of meeting people in person even as digitization expands. 
While covering dealing and treasury topics the participants were introduced to financial markets and classifications, trends, identifying the downfall and upward trends, sites to refer the reports, way to ask bid rates, knowing bullish and bear markets and insights on precautions and smart decisions.

One of the program graduates, Faisal Nabeel, expressed gratitude for the experience praising the quality of both the training he received and for the opportunity to learn from industry experts. “It was a unique experience, which helped me to improve effective communication and teamwork along with the regulatory and technical aspects,” he said.

The training program concluded with sight-seeing session of Cochin’s tourism attractions on the fourth day.

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