Mazda launches their most powerful SUVs in Oman

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MUSCAT – The automotive landscape of Oman witnessed history in the making as Mazda in association with Towell Auto Centre introduced two new groundbreaking models, All-New 6 Cylinder, 3.3L Turbo, MHEV Mazda CX-90 & CX-60. This significant unveiling not only heralded the debut of Mazda’s luxury segment vehicles but also celebrated the enduring 50-year partnership between Mazda and Towell Auto Centre in Oman.

Towell Auto Centre has been a pillar of automotive excellence in Oman, embodying a tradition of quality and customer satisfaction that goes beyond mere transactions. The relationship between Towell Auto Centre and its customers is built on trust, understanding, and a genuine interest in catering to the automotive needs of the Omani market. The longstanding partnership with Mazda is more than a business alliance; it’s a shared journey toward achieving automotive excellence and customer satisfaction. Each milestone is a testament to their shared dedication towards innovation and customer satisfaction.

Towell Auto Centre, with its deep-rooted understanding of the Omani market, has always ensured that Mazda’s innovative designs find resonance among the discerning customers of Oman. The unveiling of the All-New 6 Cylinder, 3.3L Turbo, MHEV Mazda CX-90 & CX-60 isn’t just a showcase of modern automotive design; it’s a reaffirmation of Towell Auto Centre’s pledge to continue delivering the best of the automotive world to the people of Oman. With a rich legacy of trust and excellence, Towell Auto Centre continues to be synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction in the automotive sector of Oman, forging ahead with a commitment to usher in state-of-the-art automotive solutions to the market. 

All-New 6 Cylinder, 3.3L Turbo, MHEV Mazda CX-90 : Most powerful SUV yet
Mazda CX-90, the brand’s flagship SUV, signifies a fine blend of luxury and innovation. Its dynamic design, spacious interior, and powerful yet efficient engine set a new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment.

Exterior Design
The Mazda CX-90 exterior showcases a meticulously sculpted body, flowing lines, and a distinctive grille. The LED headlights, equipped with a Daytime Running Lamp feature, and the signature front and rear light design aligns with Mazda’s commitment to blending power and elegance, ensuring the CX-90 presents a sophisticated presence on the road.

Interior Design
The CX-90’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior. The cabin is trimmed in high-quality materials, such as Nappa leather, real wood, and brushed aluminum. The front & second-row seats are ventilated. The CX-90 also comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, automatic climate control, and a premium Bose Acoustic system.

The Mazda CX-90 is also packed with the latest technology. With advanced Driver Personalization System, it enhances the driving experience by adapting various vehicle settings to individual preferences. It has the ability to recognize different drivers, the system adjusts seating positions, mirror angles, and even climate control settings according to the recognized driver’s pre-set preferences. This innovative feature reflects Mazda’s commitment to creating a personalized and intuitive driving experience, ensuring that every journey in the CX-90 feels uniquely tailored to the driver. Similarly, it has other features like the standard infotainment system features a 12-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The Mazda CX-90 also comes with a 12-inch Dashboard digital Meter display, a digital instrument cluster, and a driver assistance package that includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and much more.

Engine and Performance
Mazda’s CX-90 is powered by a sophisticated 3.3L Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine that delivers exhilarating and impressive fuel economy. The engine is paired with an 8EAT (e-SKYACTIV 8-Speed Automatic Transmission), which provides smooth and seamless shifts. The all-wheel-drive system ensures confident handling and traction in all road conditions. Together, these components create a driving experience that is both luxurious and breathtaking. The latest Mazda CX-90 is equipped with an innovative Inline 6 Turbo engine, offered in two distinct power variants. The base model includes a 3.3L Turbo engine that delivers 284 PS, while the more powerful version boasts a high-output producing 345 PS.

Updated Mazda CX-60 3.3L Turbo, MHEV
The CX-60 receives an update for 2023, with the addition of a more powerful and efficient 3.3L Turbo engine. This new powertrain produces 284 PS and 450 NM torque under the hood.

Safety Suite
The design of both the Mazda CX-90 and Mazda CX-60 prioritizes the safety of the driver and passengers. These models come well-equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features under Mazda’s i-Activsense suite. This safety suite underlines Mazda’s commitment to road safety by including features like Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Smart City Brake Support, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, High Beam Control, Driver Attention Alert, and much more. During the event, Riyadh Ali Sultan, the General Manager of Towell Auto Centre, remarked, “This launch not only marks the inception of Mazda’s luxurious offerings in Oman but also celebrates a 50-year journey of trust, collaboration, and shared vision between Mazda and Towell Auto Centre. It’s a proud juncture as we reflect on our past, embrace the present, and ambitiously look towards a future filled with innovation and success.”

The launch of All-New 6 Cylinder, 3.3L Turbo, MHEV Mazda CX-90 & CX-60 is more than just an introduction of new models; it’s a testimony to Mazda and Towell Auto Centre’s long-standing synergy and a pledge to elevate the driving landscape in Oman.  This significant stride into the luxury domain sets a new benchmark, inviting patrons to be a part of this exhilarating journey. Your luxury invitation is just a visit away. So, rush to your nearest Mazda showroom today, and take the first step into a world where luxury and innovation drive together.  

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