Labour Ministry implements reduced expat labour license renewal fees

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MUSCAT – The Ministry of Labour started implementing a decision to cut down the fees charged against issuance and renewal of non-Omani manpower licenses. The fees will be slashed by more than 89 percent for companies that comply with the target Omanisation percentage.

Accordingly, the renewal fee for First Class Companies will be RO 301 for a period of two years, and in case of adherence to the target Omanisation percentage, the fee is cut down by 30 percent to RO 211. (Earlier, this class was charged a fee of as much as RO 2001).

The fee for Second Class Companies is brought down to RO 251 (Compared to RO 601 to 1001 earlier), and in case of compliance with the target Omanisation percentage, the fee is cut down by 30 percent to RO 176. The fee for Third Class Companies is set at RO 201, and in case of compliance with the Omanisation percentage, it comes down by 30 percent to RO 141 (Compared to RO 301 to 361 earlier).

In the case of private non-Omani workers’ licenses, the fee for recruiting 1 to 3 domestic workers is RO 101; it will be RO 141 for the employment of four or more expat workers. In the segment of farmers and livestock herders, the fee is RO 141 for recruiting not more than 3 workers, and it will be RO 241 for recruiting four or more workers (compared to RO 301 earlier).

The fee for renewal of licenses for issuance and renewal of licenses for expat workers in small and medium enterprises (holders of Riyada cards) will be RO 100 in case the number of workers ranges between 1 and 5. For the recruitment of 6 to 10 workers, the new fee is RO 150, in condition that the firm employs at least one Omani citizen.

In the construction sector, the fines charged against delay in renewal of licenses will be waived in case the renewal takes place before 1 September 2022.

(Source: ONA)

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