Indian artists showcase spirit of liberation at Art Mela – India @75

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MUSCAT – Accomplished Muscat-based Indian artist, Shrikant Akojwar, is presenting two of his creations at the ‘Art Mela’ (India @75), which is being held at the Art & Soul gallery, Waterfront Complex, Shatti Al Qurum.

The creations are from Akojwar’s new art series, ‘Layeredwork Series’. The art exhibition, organised by 25 Indian artists in Muscat, which is being held to commemorate India’s 75th Independence Day, will continue till this Saturday (August 28) and is open from 8am to 9pm.

Dr Baby Sam Samuel, vice chairman, Knowledge Oman and the former chairman of the Indian Schools, Muscat, opened the art exhibition, which is showcasing the spirit of liberation.

Rhythm of texture
“The series consists of a more rounded yet scattered form and collage layers. Also, I can’t complete the canvas without taking the help of my signature ‘Rhythm of Texture’,” Akojwar said, detailing the many nuances of his new art series.

Aesthetically balanced
Not one to procrastinate, Akojwar noted how he would “start with random stuff and start adding layers after layers connected with each other and try to create some aesthetically balanced form with the help of other additional design elements.
“When I am comfortable with the graphics that I have created for my painting, I start pasting them on top of each layer. When it comes to textured background, I apply many painting techniques to make my painting beautiful and different from each other,” he said, further explaining his technique.

Veering off from usual
After painting several compositions, trying different directions, on the canvas, paper, digital, wood, wall, Plaster of Paris, clay, mount board, this time, Akojwar decided to veer off from the usual. “This time I told myself to do something different,” he said.

Running theme interconnects
“A painting series can consist of many things, but the paintings in the series all need to have a common element, background, forms that connect each other. Connections can be made by using a common technique, texture, colour palette or the same subject or element done in different mediums or different ways. A series is a collection of paintings that when the observers view them, they don’t have any queries whether the same artist created them all. The running theme on the canvas interconnects with the viewers easily, Akojwar explained.

Creating an entire storyline
“As an artist, I always play with the elements, texture, background, ideas, and colour. It helps me to create a concept, build an entire storyline on my canvas. After getting a rough figure, I close my eyes and try to visualise my composition on my blank canvas. It is fun to create something new, and I inspect my sketch several times in order to carve a finished product worthy of the viewer’s attention.”

Take a close look
Akojwar invited visitors to take a “close look” at his new paintings. 

“The closer you look, the more you see, and the experience will be more fascinating. I will leave you to enjoy the layers. Surely, these are the layers you must have also experienced in your life,” he concluded.

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