Experiences of the past

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Life is a journey. So, let’s begin with a journey. A journey into the human mind. Let us embark on a journey back into the past and try to understand why we are what we are. Let us ask the questions that we need to ask ourselves; let us stop for a moment and then head back to what we were.

Why do we think or speak or eat or drink in a certain way; why do we dress the way we do? Why do we behave in a certain manner?
Why are we possessive?  Why do we feel the need to own, to collect to aqcuire?

Simple questions.
But hasn’t the time come for us to think why? So let us pause and think for a moment: what are we made of? Let us go back into human history.

Why have we inherited a certain way of thinking and doing? Is it because we have always been that way or is there any other reason? Have we been like this for generations? What was shaping our thoughts and views? Are all our thoughts and views shaped by what we have been exposed to and influenced by?

Have we reviewed the experiences of the ones whom we were influenced by? What if the experiences were different?

Humanity is one
Of course, we are all one. We are cut from the same human cloth. But if we have to understand who we are and what we are, we need to understand ourselves and our past. So, let us go back.

Experiences of the past
The past follows. It is very true when we say we are what we are made of by all those who lived before us and helped the mankind evolve.

Our ancestors lived well before us; they learned the laws of life, created a niche of a life that was created from their lifestyles. Evolution is the product of a slow, ever-changing process precipitated by a host of environmental factors.
To actually comprehend the foundation of early man’s thinking, we need to start at one of the most confounding principles of human thought: the origins of human thoughts/ intelligence. That’s to say, when did we start being aware and taking intellectual decisions that carved out a path for the future lifestyles?

It is the thought that shaped our lives individually and socially, collectively; and the thoughts that shape us today are the thoughts that were put in by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Yes, we are just a sum of all our human thoughts put together. It definitely was not an instantaneous moment when humans emerged and started thinking consciously and rationally.

Ask questions
Never accept your existence as a take away. They say the average human brain and functions are the same for every living being. What would differentiate between us living beings are the thought processes. The best way to live is to ask questions. We are all given a pre-set life, patternised by hundreds of years. And we did not become what we are without being curious and learning.

I am sure, long, long ago, one of our ancestors must have thought of choosing a definite direction for him and set out… without a wrist watch, without the daily three preset meals, without a career consultation and age limit. Look at yourself today; this must have been his doing, which triggered very many hundreds of years.

So ask yourself, do you actually need three meals with set names and timings?

Is there a possibility you can stop every pre-set conditioning and look at a new you without inhibitions, limitations, conditions and restrictions?

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