“It was there in the air…we knew something was coming!”

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 Sunaina S Ahluwalia
Communications consultant, Author (*), New Delhi (INDIA)

It did not come all of a sudden
We did not just wake up one day to confront the deadly COVID-19 Corona virus. No, there has been something in the air, much before it happened. I will not be far off from the mark if I say that we knew something bad was going to happen to all of us. We knew it. It was in the air. Maybe it was an intuition. Some of us simply buried it, others held on to it, but it slipped through the fingers.

We knew it was going to happen
But, there has been a continuous awareness of its coming and it was a feeling that intensified with each passing day ever since last (2019) December. We knew that something was changing in the world. We could not place a finger as to what it was, but we knew it was going to happen…

A feeling in the subconscious
This feeling was there in our subconscious. We were sort of mentally gearing up for whatever was to soon follow.

But no one was prepared for it when it finally hit us. When it did strike, it struck us very hard. Like some million volts of lightning, striking us all at once and in a mammoth flash? No, not like that, but of course it hit us very hard.

And suddenly the world changed after that. I mean, everything changed — topping that was the announcement of the three-week lockdown in India and soon it began to extend and it continued to extend.

Some semblance of normalcy
We hoped at that time that some semblance of normalcy would soon return. But, the virus threw a spanner in our works and things have never been the same again. Soon after it hit us, the world came to a grinding halt. It is only now that it has started to move, but at snail’s pace!

Homebound and safe
During the lockdown, we were completely homebound with basic necessities and groceries reaching us.  My family and I managed all necessary housework, as there was no way that we could have anyone from outside during that period. We had to ensure safety for ourselves!

Became better and fitter
However, we looked at it positively. I will say that one has definitely become better and fitter and more adept at managing home and work as time management took precedence over everything. For instance, the first half of the day would be spent in home/work-related activities, while the latter part of the day would be spent in some kind of leisure or exercise-related activities.

Future has already changed!
As we soak in the current changes and try to adapt, dark clouds of uncertainty looms above. But, of one thing we are certain: we realise that this is what it is going to be like tomorrow too, and also the days after that!

Let us be prepared for that now. For, the future has already changed! And it is going to be like this for a long time to come. Let us face it. Let us eschew travel from our future itinerary. I find it impossible to even visualise travel to foreign locations, or sitting in a restaurant, or going to a mall etc in 2020. We will have to see how things pan out and hope that 2021 would be marginally better…

Challenges of a lockdown
While a lockdown is a necessity, it also brings with it many challenges. There are reports claiming that this virus has also caused indirect impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of many.

Other reports note that worldwide domestic violence is on the increase. Yet it is definitely the better of the two scenarios – the other one is too horrific to visualise.

Make the best of it!
So we gritted our teeth and made the best of the situation. And that is my advice too: Make the best of the situation — try to stay healthy and active, re discover your forgotten talents and hobbies and develop closer bonds with family and children during this period.

Our heroes
It goes beyond doubt that in crises like this, the real heroes will come out. We totally recognise and acknowledge that doctors and nurses are the real soldiers. But again, not just them – I would say all of them, all of those frontline workers, be it the grocers, the delivery boys and all the others who have to do their duty in this time of the corona are simply heroes.  Our heroes!

Let us lend a hand
While we cannot be heroes, we should still try to do our bit. We must support those in need whenever and wherever possible. There are many in dire financial conditions and we must lend them our support. And where possible, we must lend an ear to some of our friends, who for one reason or the other, may be down or depressed. Let us do what we can!

This is an opportunity to make this world a better place!

(*)Some of Sunaina’s books include: Safe Harbour, Point of No Return; Autumn Melody

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