Bank Muscat’s special Al Mazyona Mid-year draw scheduled in July 2021

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MUSCAT – Bank Muscat has announced that it will hold in July 2021, a special Al Mazyona Mid-Year draw with over RO 1.5 million in high value prizes to be given away to 92 lucky winners.

The draw will be live streamed across the bank’s social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube keeping in mind the keen interest of the bank’s customers and the general public in following the largest prize draws in the country. Details regarding the draw will be posted on the bank’s social media channels in the coming days. The unique Mid-year draw will reward Asalah and Al Jawhar customers as well as those from all the governorates of the Sultanate. Bank Muscat has launched a special campaign across the media and social media channels to make customers aware that they can get more chances to win by saving more.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdullah Tamman Al Mashani, Deputy General Manager – Institutional Sales and Product Development, Bank Muscat, said: “The Al Mazyona prize draw scheme has been going from strength to strength since its launch and the 2021 scheme has further increased the number of prizes available. The bank continues to meet the aspirations of our customers while also promoting a good savings habit in the country with these special prizes. We invite all our customers to save more and take maximum advantage of the scheme to win prizes and achieve their dreams and aspirations.”

All customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO 30,000 in their Al Mazyona accounts will be automatically entered into the draws to select the winners of the two RO 250,000 special mega prizes during the draw. High savings Asalah Priority Banking customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO 30,000 will be entered into the draws for 10 Mid-year prizes of RO 50,000 each for a total of RO 500,000 in prizes for Asalah customers. Al Jawhar customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO 10,000 will be eligible to win one of the 10 Mid-year prizes of RO 20,000 each adding to a total of RO 200,000. Also, 70 winners will be chosen from amongst customers across all governorates in the Sultanate having a minimum balance of RO 1,000, with each winner getting RO 5,000 in the prize draw for a total of RO 350,000 in prizes. With over RO 1.5 million to be given away during the Mid-year draw, the country’s biggest savings scheme is all set to create further excitement in the coming weeks.

This year’s programme will give away a record 7,470 prizes, compared to 6,677 last year, a 12 percent increase in the number of winners. The 2021 scheme features several special draws including the recently-held Eid Al Fitr draw, a National Day draw, the Mid-year draw and an End of Year draw apart from the regular monthly draws for different customer segments. To further promote a good savings habit, special prizes have been reserved for high-saving Asalah and Al Jawhar customers as well as in the regional, women, youth, children and salary-transfer categories.

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