Bank Muscat launches EAGLEs programme

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MUSCAT – Bank Muscat launched its transformative Leadership Engagement Programme, “EAGLEs” which stands for Engage, Align, Grow, Learn, Evolve. The EAGLEs programme aims to seamlessly collaborate, communicate and share ideas, reinforcing a culture of growth and excellence.

EAGLEs programme is Bank Muscat’s steadfast commitment to empowering its branch staff through a meaningful participation in transformation initiatives, originated and executed by them, that will potentially have a long-term positive impact on the business. EAGLEs programme is projected to provide employees a unique platform to honing their skills and improve their talents. It underscores the Bank’s belief that every team member, plays a pivotal role in the success of the entire organization.

To achieve the programme’s objectives, the Bank selected 78 employees from different branches covering all regions across the Sultanate, who will participate in various projects, training programs, initiatives and workshops. The programme is designed to offer tailored professional development opportunities for the selected batch of employees. Through mentorship, skill-building workshops, action learning projects, and trainings sessions conducted by external trainers, EAGLEs will help nurture a culture of continuous learning and growth.

To announce the launch of the programme, Bank Muscat organised an event attended by Sheikh Waleed K. Al Hashar, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Muscat, along with a number of Executive Management members and the employees selected to join EAGLES from the Bank’s branches across the Sultanate.

Ahmed Faqir Al Balushi, Chief Banking Officer, Bank Muscat, said: “Bank Muscat branch employees have an essential role in supporting the development of the products and services offered for our valued customers. The EAGLEs programme is an innovative initiative designed specifically to help branch employees to contribute towards transformation initiatives that will enhance customers’ experience. Our valued customers have greatly contributed to the success of Bank Muscat’s journey for years, so we are keen to continue launching such initiatives to enhance our services and make them align with the recent banking needs and aspirations of our customers. We would like to wish all participants best of luck in this new journey.”
Said Salim Al Aufi, General Manager – Human Resources & Administration, Bank Muscat, said: “The EAGLEs programme is a bold and dynamic endeavor designed to foster creativity, collaboration, ingenuity and provide a culture of constant learning. The programme is set to redefine leadership engagement in the Banking sector, positioning Bank Muscat as an industry leader committed to the well-being and success of its employees”. Al Aufi added that “suitable opportunities are provided to employees from the moment they join the Bank to equip them with skills in work-related processes and procedures. The Bank is steadfast in advancing its strategy in developing and empowering Omani youth to enable them to perform their duties in the best possible manner while concurrently striving to attain their goals and support them meet their aspirations.”
Bank Muscat recognises the importance of developing human resources across different specialties and disciplines to foster the growth of Omani youth. Today, the Bank has become the dream employer for job seekers in the Sultanate. The Bank currently employs over 4000 professionals.

During 2023, Bank Muscat utilized, through Jadara Academy, a full-fledged Learning and Development department, 38,778 training seats, totaling 45,620 training man-days. The academy also facilitated tuitions for 17 professional certifications, attended by 144 employees in their respective fields. Moreover, 25 top-performing staff members completed a program titled “Leading through Financial Excellence” offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale School of Management. The Bank instituted its “First Time Managers Program” for 69 staff, aimed at facilitating a seamless transition from individual contributors to managerial roles. Furthermore, 53 high-potential graduates have completed the Bank’s two-year signature graduate development program, while an additional 56 have joined the newly launched batches in October 2023.

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