National Finance’s corporate fixed deposits empower local businesses, offer lucrative returns

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MUSCAT – National Finance now offers corporate fixed deposits, a tailored investment vehicle designed to meet the investment needs of corporates seeking to grow and scale prudently. In line with evolving market dynamics and corporate objectives, the company aims to empower businesses with a dependable and lucrative investment avenue through its Corporate Fixed Deposits.

Distinguished by National Finance’s commitment to customer-centricity and service excellence, National Finance’s Corporate Fixed Deposits offer a minimum investment threshold of RO 5,000, ensuring accessibility to a wide spectrum of businesses. In addition, by offering flexible tenures ranging from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 60 months, corporates can align their investment strategies with their short-term liquidity requirements and long-term growth aspirations.

Commenting on the offering, Tariq bin Sulaiman Al Farsi, Chief Executive Officer, National Finance, said, “Our Corporate Fixed Deposits offering demonstrates our keen recognition of the importance of providing corporates with versatile investment options that not only allow for effective portfolio diversification, but also prioritize safety and reliability. As the leading finance company in the country, with an impressive 47.14 percent market share and having demonstrated exceptional performance year-on-year, National Finance is committed to assisting local enterprises in making astute investments and garnering robust returns.”

Flexibility stands as a cornerstone of National Finance’s comprehensive product suite, further exemplified in the Corporate Fixed Deposits offering. Corporates can choose to withdraw their funds after the initial 3-month lock-in period, providing liquidity when necessary. Additionally, customers can opt to get interest on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or on maturity basis, enabling them to structure their cash flows according to their operational requirements. Furthermore, high interest rates and attractive returns ensure customers derive maximum value from their investments.

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