Bank Muscat celebrates graduation of 23 entrepreneurs from Al Wathbah Academy

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MUSCAT – Al Wathbah Academy for SMEs by Bank Muscat continues to achieve success and promote the concept of self-employment among members of the community through training and awareness programs provided to entrepreneurs. In the same context, Bank Muscat, the financial service provider in Oman, celebrated the graduation of 23 entrepreneurs of the Advanced Program in a ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarter in presence of a number of the bank’s officials.

The entrepreneurs had an extensive training course for a period of 6 months where they learnt about management, finance, marketing and other fields, through workshops, lectures, panels and practical training. The programme was organized in cooperation with Radiant Sail where trainees receive an internationally recognized certificate from Knowledgeworks institution. Bank Muscat will continue to implement plans for the development of small and medium enterprises.

Ibrahim bin Khamis Al Balushi, Senior Assistant General Manager, SMEs, Bank Muscat, extended congratulations to all the graduates for their commitment and high performance during the training period which lasted for 6 months. He mentioned: “Since its inception in 2014, Al Wathbah Academy continues to maintain success in business sector by providing support to entrepreneurs with the aim to develop their professional skills to successfully run their businesses. We are delighted that Bank Muscat has a track record of success in supporting entrepreneurs who are now managing their institutions in various fields, thanks to the bank’s training initiatives, banking services and facilities”.

Al Balushi also clarified that the main goal of Al Wathbah Academy is to provide free consultations and offer appropriate solutions, guidance and awareness to entrepreneurs in various fields of management, finance, marketing and other areas that contribute to the success of their institutions. He added: “Over the past years, the Academy has organized many training programmes covering all governorates of the Sultanate. Since the inauguration of the Academy, the number of graduates has reached up to 237 entrepreneurs benefiting from training workshops, lectures and practical courses. Bank Muscat will continue to implement such programmes taking in new batches of entrepreneurs with a focus on choosing courses that keep pace with the latest developments required by the business sector. It will also continue to join hands with government institutions concerned with the development of small and medium enterprises”.

During the event, Hasna Mohammed Al-Daoudi, Raya Rashid Al Alawi and Said Ali Khidaim Al Jabri, graduates from the Advanced Programme shared their success stories, extending appreciation to Bank Muscat for its continuous support in promoting SMEs. They talked about how this programme by Al Wathbah was beneficial to them and helped them to develop their business. The speakers also confirmed that the programme was executed professionally which will be reflected in the growth of their businesses.

Training programmes of Al Wathbah Academy have been conducted in the past years in all governorates of the Sultanate and have been beneficial for many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.  In cooperation with various government agencies to promote the concept of self-employment among members of the community, Bank Muscat has contributed significantly to the financing and promotion of many small and medium-sized enterprises, which have greatly succeeded in providing more jobs for Omani youth.

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