Badr Al Samaa Group launches vaccine protection program

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MUSCAT – Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals launched an important initiative “Badr Vaccine Protection Program” recently, aimed at creating awareness about all new born, paediatrics and adult vaccinations recommended by the Ministry of health, Oman and WHO.

Dr Anirudha Potey, senior manager, Serum Institute of India, Pune, was the keynote speaker of the event. Two health awareness talks about various newborn, paediatric and adult vaccinations were presented by Dr Parthasarthy Angappan, specialist paediatrician, Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi and Dr Atma S Raj, specialist, Internist and group nodal officer for this program, Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Al Khoud. Both the doctors spoke explained the purpose of each vaccine, time schedule for when to be taken and age groups for which each vaccine is recommended. Dr Anirudh Potey, in his presentations discussed the positive impact of vaccines in various pandemics which happened in 20th and 21st century. Extended program of immunisation was introduced in 1981 and it is impressive to see how various vaccines programs like polio, hepatitis, rubella, etc have positively impacted the outcomes in Oman context. In context of COVID-19 vaccine, he said due to emergency the COVID-19 vaccinations have been ready for clinical trial of as less as 8 months where as other vaccines take almost 15 years to come to this stage, which is very impressive.

Abdul Latheef and Dr P A Mohammed, managing directors of Badr Al Samaa Group extended their full support for the vaccination program. As Badr Al Samaa is known for many innovations and introduced many initiatives in the past which were very beneficial to the society. Similarly Badr Al Samaa has always been at the forefront of fighting the pandemic COVID-19 by doing all possible and treated hundreds of COVID cases successfully and managed make-shift COVID hospitals established by the Ministry of Health.

Sameer P T, group CEO said that Badr Al Samaa will ensure the availability of all vaccinations across all centres of the group. Patient can conveniently check with the nodal officers at group level and individual branch level and learn everything about the vaccines and seek appointment for vaccination. He said being the largest private healthcare provider, Badr Al Samaa feels proud to take up the responsibility to spread awareness about the importance of vaccines.

K O Devassy, chief marketing officer urged the people of Oman to meticulously gather the awareness about various vaccines and regularly follow the vaccination schedule in order to stay safe and healthy from various infectious diseases. He said Badr Al Samaa group strives to bridge the gap in awareness and availability of vaccines in private healthcare.

Jacob Oomen, Group Chief Operating Officer presented the vote of thanks. Asif Shah, Head Branding and Communication and the host of this event said that Badr Al Samaa has created special point of contacts at branch and corporate level. With these SPOCs not just availability, the people can know everything about vaccines. He said the doctors of Badr Al Samaa will come on board using various digital and social media platforms to raise the awareness about the vaccinations.

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