“Arise” exhibition by ambassadors of Omani Art team

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MUSCAT – Under the patronage of His Excellency Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, Foreign Minister, Gallery Sarah at Bait Al Zubair cordially invites you to the opening exhibition “Arise” exhibition by the Ambassadors of Omani Art team on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 7:00 pm at Bait Al Nahdhah venue, Bait Al Zubair, Muscat.

Within the framework of Bait Al Zubair Foundation’s insight to contribute to the vitality of the artistic cultural scene, Gallery Sarah hosts the official launch of the Ambassadors of Omani Art team. In addition, it will host the exhibition “Arise” for the team, which features a group of twenty-one Omani artists from various art schools.

The inauguration will include the official reveal of the artistic logo and identity which represents the artistic group’s goals and vision. The exhibition simultaneous with the inauguration show casing fifty artworks in the fields of Arabic calligraphy, sculpture, drawing, and painting mix-media. The team seeks to be one of the most prominent artistic gatherings supporting the artistic movement to outline different artistic and cultural horizons and a positive role in sustainable development by supporting talents and creating the appropriate environment for intersection and interaction with local and international artistic experiences and a tangible presence in the global art market.

The team includes names that shaped the features of the history of fine art in the Sultanate in its various stages, such as the artist Rashid Abdul Rahman Al Balushi, winner of the Sultan Qaboos Prize for Culture, Arts, and letters for the Arts branch in 2012, and the artists Khamis, Abdullah and Saud Al-Hanini, who also won the Sultan Qaboos Prize for Culture, Arts and letters for the Arts Branch for the year 2016.From the field of Arabic calligraphy and lettering formations the artists, Abdul Nasser Al-Sayegh, Muhammad Al-Sayegh, Muhammad Mahdi Al-Lawati, Fahd Yamin. While among the prominent featured artists in the field of sculpture Khalil Al-Kalbani and Fayza Al-Wahaibi, and in the field of oil painting Abdul Majeed bin Hakim Al-Balushi, Muhammad Al-Maamari, Mazen Al-Maamari, Saeed Al-Ruwaidi, Nada Bint Abdullah Al-Ruwaishdi, Maryam Al-Shehhi, Samia bint Salem Al-Gharibi, Laila bint Muhammad Al-Najjar, Hajar Al-Harassi, Zainab Al-Ajmi, and Laila Al-Jahuri.

What distinguishes the team is that the team members belong to multiple generations and different artistic schoolsو which stimulates the interaction of experiences and expertise with each other, enriching individual experiences and developing the aesthetic and visual visions of the members. The exhibition reflects the vital artistic role in shaping the identity of Omani art.

Since the experimental establishment of the team in 2018, the team has achieved various achievements and participation in international art forums, such as their participation in the international exhibition “Artists around the World” in Turkey in Istanbul in August 2018.

Some of the team members also participated in the Second International Forum of Professional Fine Artists (Thai Rhythm) in Phuket, which was organised by D’Fuglee Galaria in January 2019. The team won the Gold Award and the Silver Award at the Second International Forum of Professional Plastic Artists in Thailand in 2019. The team also held the second exhibition of Omani Art Ambassadors in cooperation with the ArtMMH Foundation in the Republic of Austria in Vienna in July 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop the team’s international activities, but they had their virtual presence, as the team participated in the “We Are the Nature” virtual exhibition organised by the “Iran Drudi Academy of Visual Arts” in September 2021.

Recently, the team established the Fine Art Ambassadors Lounge in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth in the Omani Society for Fine Arts in Muscat, which includes providing educational and training sessions in the field of drawing, letter forming, and sculpture.

” Arise” group exhibition will continue until December 11, 2021, at Bait Al-Nahda venue in Bait Al-Zubair.

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