“A ‘coaching’ hand in times of distress”

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Hanan Al Harthy, Professional coach-cum-trainer

Impact of COVID-19
Amongst other things, the COVID-19 has also touched people emotionally. At the beginning it was all about fear, locking down, uncertainty, isolation, etc., and therefore the pandemic had a very negative impact then. But humans have the ability to adapt to any situation. Slowly, people began to change their habits and I have had the opportunity to reflect on these with my clients (male as well as female) and I found that there were a lot of gratitude and appreciation as they were able to connect within, go deep and reflect on their values and what is really important and also they were able to connect with their family, which had a more positive impact.

Professionally, my female clients are very happy with the concept of working at home as it allows them to spend more time with their kids and for others it allowed them to have better quality but on the other hand as people were used for the style of macro management it created different type of challenges as most employees are not trained to work from a distance.

Crisis will make us more resilient
The implications of this global challenge are evident everywhere. The pandemic will reshape health and development institutions plus priorities. However, it is still difficult to make random predictions at this stage.

I discussed this matter with many groups of coaches, and we believe there will be new concepts like the possibility of working from homes and the pandemic also brought in a technology transformation, which will further develop. This will be a huge step to progress. There are lot of possibilities and opportunities. The current challenges that we are all facing will bring in more creativity and improve our skills and make us more resilient.

What after COVID-19?
In my opinion, it will be difficult to get back to our normal life, as we knew it. Direct face-to-face and physical communications are going to be difficult. I feel that we may also face challenges where issues of trust are involved.

Making a difference
Since the start of the pandemic I have been offering free online workshops to inspire people to trust themselves; appreciate the time available and think on improving new skills; review the core values and reflect on their life purpose, relations and goals. I also provided free coaching sessions through Luster Coaching and Consultancy, which is my own company and through the initiative Min Ajlek (*), which is supported by the National Youth Commission.  

I will continue to educate people on the importance of seeking help and support, being positive and learn from the current challenges also and see the areas you need to grow and build new skills, plus read and share the knowledge you have.

10 volunteer coaches
Regarding our group, we are 10 ladies, who are committed to coaching and training. We used to meet once a month and I was inspiring them to focus on coaching as a profession. When the pandemic started in Oman we understood the need for coaching and the support people may need while they are spending time in isolation. We presented our idea to the National Youth Commission who welcomed it and also supported us.

One among our group is a meditative-breathing practitioner. So, using all these elements we were able to support some of the families, which were affected by COVID-19.

We also support SME’s and offer support to any individual who may seek our help. We also support students who were abroad to set their priorities right and made them stay focused. Lots of workshops were also presented through online sessions, which enabled us to educate people on the importance/benefits of coaching. We have also provided workshops on self-care for our medical team as they are working intensively in the hospitals during the pandemic.

(Hanan has been a professional coach with 19 years corporate coaching experience. She is known for her high energy, positivity and motivation skills; she engages herself in a fun and loving manner, which is endearing to most people. Hanan says she enjoys connecting and working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

“I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to grow and shine!

My fascination is in team growth and I am passionate in performance coaching and mentoring.
I am always geared to helping individuals and teams to improve performance, grow personally and professionally.”

(*) Min Ajlek is the initiative that they have founded with a group of 10 coaches who offer coaching and training support for those infected with COVID-19)

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