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Mohamed Yaseen, Indian, Baladiya worker

I come from a small village in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. But, I am blessed to reach from there to here in Muscat, Oman. I belong to a big family and I am actually the seventh child. So you can imagine the struggle of my parents to raise us all and the troubles and travails that we have gone through. But despite all the challenges, I got married and have two daughters. Moreover, God gave me this opportunity to work in a beautiful country like Oman, and I am able to earn a living for myself. Not all are so lucky – especially from my village. Therefore, I want to give back to my village in my own humble way.

My biggest dream is to educate both of my daughters, make them into real good teachers and through them provide free education to the children of my village.  In my own humble way, I want to make a difference to my village and make it a better place to live in.

Photo: V K Shafeer

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