SHINE, a youth-created arts, media and STEM-based innovations project launched

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NEW YORK –  At a time when youth around the world are facing an uncertain post-Covid future, Creative Visions, in association with Planet Classroom Network, is launching SHINE an innovative multimedia project to encourage young people to use their creativity and STEM-based innovations to shine a bright light on solutions that will create a more positive future for all. SHINE was launched on May 16 to coincide with UNESCO’s International Day of Living Together in Peace, and concludes on August 15th, 2021.

“We hope that young people will feel the power of creative connection through SHINE,” explained Pat Chandler, Creative Visions CEO. The expressions of global youth, ages 13 to 25, will be featured in a gallery on Creative Visions’ Rock Your World and the Planet Classroom Network sites.

“We are excited to participate in this first of its kind initiative with the world’s youth driving the ideas and storytelling.  Our world is more polarized than ever. We need more stories that have an international demographic – stories that help us appreciate our diversity and shine a light on the art of being human; our ability to forgive, to show empathy, compassion and tolerance for all peoples,” said C. M. Rubin, Co-founder Planet Classroom Network.

Stefania Giannini, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education says, “Youth should be empowered to co-create a better future – one that respects our cultural diversity, promotes human rights and safeguards our shared planet. We welcome this initiative to enable youth to shine and contribute to building a more peaceful world.” 

“OECD’s PISA study of Global Competence has shown that through simple actions students support sustainable and intercultural understanding. We welcome this initiative to enable youth to shine and contribute to building a more peaceful world.”  – Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills.

“As the world becomes more globalized, we should focus more on the importance of respecting all races, developing cross-cultural skills and living harmoniously together. The Global Summer Challenge SHINE is a shining example of how we may harness the creativity of youth and promote global oneness. I look forward to seeing the outcomes.”  – Pak Tee Ng, NIE Singapore 

It’s Your Turn to SHINE

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