Reinventing reuse and recycling – Al Thail group shows the way

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MUSCAT – Oman’s vision for environmental sustainability has received a boost from the industrial sector thanks to the recently set up ‘used lead acid battery recycling’ plant by the Al Thail Group in the Madayn Suhar Industrial Estate. The world class, first of its kind, green field factory in the Sultanate is spread over an area of 20,000 sq mtrs and engages in smelting of battery scrap and extraction of 99.98% refined lead ingots & various lead alloys. The smelter commissioned in 2023, has a capacity of breaking down and separating up to 18,000 tonnes per annum (TPA) of used lead acid batteries and to produce 10000 TPA of lead bullion and 15,000 TPA of refined lead, lead alloys and ingots. 

The operations of plant are streamlined into breaking and separation of the batteries and its components, smelting, refining through pyrometallurgical process and the production of ingots. They are meticulously monitored by stringent quality measures that regulate the wastewater management and air pollution control systems and ensure maximum recycling with minimum damage to the environment from the hazardous materials, which otherwise can leak out toxic constituents and contaminate groundwater when disposed in an unlined landfill as is the practice in most of the unorganised industry sector. This causes risk of possible human exposure leading to various health and safety hazards. Hence the need to not only minimise the residual waste but also to convert them to useful by products through innovative thinking and methods.

The Al Thail Group which started operations in the late nineties as a small scrap trading enterprise has over the years metamorphosed into a major player in Oman’s industry sector, actively integrated with the economic progress of the Sultanate, with multiple businesses encompassing metal scrap trading, logistics, construction and manufacturing. The group is an approved supplier of porta cabins for PDO. 

“The lead acid recycling plant is yet another milestone in the group’s legacy which not only showcases the organization’s acumen for pioneering efforts in a niche and specialised field but also its commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility towards a green and environment friendly Oman for the future generation”, commented Mohammed Said Abdullah Al Siyabi, Chairman of Al Thail, Oman.

“Going forward, Al Thail Group aims to be at the forefront in providing active support to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) as we forge ahead into an era of environment friendly progress for Oman. We are planning to work more closely with the regulatory authorities in the coming days as we advance towards an era of environment friendly growth and progress for Oman.” said Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Founder and Group Chairman of the Al Thail Group. 
For further information on our activities and support our recycling and sustainable waste management efforts, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

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