Oman rejects Israel’s decision to set up new settlements on Palestinian lands

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MUSCAT – The Sultanate of Oman has voiced its condemnation, denunciation and rejection of a decision made by the Israeli occupation state approving the construction of about 3,500 new settlement units in the West Bank, in a new flagrant violation of the rules of international law and Security Council resolutions.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry today, Oman noted that the Israeli occupation forces’ decision disregards the Palestinian people’s rights recognized and guaranteed by the international community.

Through the statement, Oman renewed its plea to the international community to take immediate action to deter Israel and hold it accountable for taking such illegal and illegitimate measures. Oman also called for international action to dismantle the Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands.

The Ministry also reiterated Oman’s stance to hold the Israeli government culpable for the policy and practices of genocide, torture, siege and starvation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. It stated that such illegal actions require the United Nation’s Security Council to assume its responsibilities by taking action to stop the aggression, restore security and peace and protect the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

(Source: ONA)

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