Public Prosecution issues statement on penalty set for abusive writings, rumours

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MUSCAT — The Public Prosecution Department has issued a statement outlining penalties awarded to people found guilty of abusive writings or spreading offensive rumours or publishing news attributing criminal acts to certain individuals or establishments.

The statement reads as follows:
“In light of findings from social media platforms and, and given the steady rise in the abusive writings, offensive rumours and attribution of criminal acts to certain individuals or establishments and, since circulating matters via social communication platforms is not an official method of reporting and may negatively impact investigations, the Public Prosecution Department hereby incriminates the publishing of abusive or offensive news aimed to provoke public opinion.

It asserts that such behaviour is considered a crime that deserves imprisonment for a maximum of three years and a fine of RO 3000.

The Public Prosecution Department affirms that it will take legal action against all those who get involved in abusive writings or rumours and those who promote, circulate or instigate or help in such criminal acts, irrespective of their forms and types. The legal action will be undertaken in accordance with current laws and legal systems in the Sultanate, the statement mentioned.

(Source: ONA)

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