Ordinary women, extraordinary tales – a paean to women’s strength

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By Adarsh Madhavan

I have a confession. I am male, but if you want the naked truth: women are better than men. It is not they who have to struggle hard to become like us. That is just a dark lie. It got sold earlier. Not anymore. It is the other way around. We have to struggle hard to be like them and the tragedy is: we can’t be like them – ever. It is not about equality. It is just that neither are we built as equal, nor can we even aspire to be like them. I can never be better than a woman.

I speak for myself, but if I take the liberty to speak for all, the searing truth is – man, you will never ever be as good as a woman. Oh, you are big built. BIG muscles. You can lift several thousand pounds. Good for you. Then believe that – for that is your limitations speaking.

Like one of the ladies Purple had interviewed here pointed out, “we can bear anything for we have done the biggest task in the world: giving birth; bearing children” That, might just silence the naysayers. I am not saying women are perfect. Just better. In fact, far better than men. It will take aeons for us to even understand that.

Our Purple women

When they started out, they weren’t rich or famous. They didn’t win awards or discover anything. They didn’t come from rich families, in fact, a few of them were living on the fringes of poverty.  They would have sunk without trace had they not found the gumption to hold on to their own beliefs; stuck to their faith in God and had the sheer will to let go of their former self and became what they yearned to be.

Hearts pulsating for their dear ones

For deep within themselves was a heart that was pulsating – not just for themselves, but for all those they held dear. Perhaps, it is just that one value in them – their sheer selflessness that made them work tirelessly to finally lead extraordinary lives.

Extraordinary metamorphosis

They were ordinary women. Living ordinary lives and perhaps, even today, they may not consider their metamorphosis as something unique. But, we do. We consider the efforts of these 10 ordinary women to be extraordinary and inspiring.

An inspiration to those who are struggling

They are an inspiration not only for struggling women but for all those who are struggling, because all of us are struggling with something.

Beacon of hope

They have become a beacon of hope, a lighthouse for all women in Oman as they showcase their efforts and their results in the stories they have unveiled to us.

Putting the nose to the grindstone
They have had little or no backgrounds, a few of them are not even literate, yet, that is what they all set out to prove – it is not wealth; it is not family background; it is not whom you know or who knew them or power or looks or how street-smart you are that makes you really successful – it is sheer hard work, putting their nose to the grindstone and making it work day by day until something clicked; something wonderful happened and a miracle took shape.

Miracles are ‘womanmade’
Miracles, are manmade. In this case, ‘womanmade’. For each of these 10 women made a miracle of their lives and for us, at Purple, it was a voyage of discovery. One wonders how they achieved their self-belief; from where they obtained their courage and optimism to transform their challenges into achievements. But these are the values that best define these women.

Join us in this journey
Come, join us in our journey with 10 spirited women who reveal their struggles, their efforts, their contributions and their achievements. We celebrate their joy, their freedom, their liberty and their rights; we celebrate their womanhood and showcase their true spirit.

True creations of God

It is said that women are true creations of God and their role is to spread love, happiness and compassion. Each tale of the women in this issue of Purple contains these messages, not overtly, but subtly. You will learn that when you also read between the lines.

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