Oakley Kato launched

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DUBAI – This week saw the launch of Oakley® Kato, born from 45 years of disruptive innovation and engineered to shatter the boundaries of sport performance. Oakley Kato’s radical aesthetic is made possible by game-changing advancements in optical design. This progression, combined with countless hours focused on research and testing, helped to create this unique piece of eyewear set to revolutionise the face of sport this year, against the backdrop of the world’s biggest sporting stage.

Oakley Kato’s purpose-built design features an innovative, frameless lens, crafted with an extended wrap and built-in retention to mimic the structural properties of a typical frame. The result is a product intended to fit close to the contours of the face, creating a mask-like feel. When paired with Oakley’s unparalleled optics and clarity of vision, this product removes limitations and provides the wearer with the confidence to be at their best”

“We wake up every morning obsessed with the goal of igniting human possibility,” says Caio Amato, Oakley Global Brand Director. “Our pursuit for the new and unimagined has taken on many forms throughout the brand’s history, and the latest is Oakley Kato – a redefinition of aesthetics to usher in a new age of optics for the sports industry.

Today represents more than just the release of a new product, it is a moment to remind ourselves that anything is possible, that superheroes are not just found in comic books, but in real life, and we can all aspire to be better than we ever imagined.”

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