Memoranda inked for developing Ain Al Kasfa Project

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MUSCAT – Falha Investment Company signed four memorandums of understanding (MoUs) to develop Ain Al Kasfa project in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq, South Al Batinah Governorate.

The four companies that signed the MoUs were: Le Furo Tokyo Company (which specialises in transferring the technology of extracting minerals from hot water), Iran’s New Golden Solutions company (which specialises in construction projects in the Oman and Iran), Kalout Company and Al Bahja Group (Oman). Falha Investment Company attracts to Oman the best international practices on hot spring technologies.

Le Furo Tokyo Company will establish the first centre in Oman for extracting minerals from Ain Al Kasfa, besides developing aromatics. Through its MoU, New Golden Solutions Company is entrusted to prepare designs for the development of Ain Al Kasfa project and place it on the global map of sustainable projects, in a manner that fits with the surrounding nature in the wilayat.

As far as marketing the project is concerned, a MoU was signed with Kalout Company, which markets hot springs worldwide and attracting tourists interested in the healing properties of such springs.

Meanwhile, the MoU signed with Al Bahja Company focuses on maximising the local added value of the governorate by optimising the use of heritage and antiquities there.

(Source: ONA)

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