Meethaq offers waiver of first year annual fees on all primary and supplementary credit cards

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MUSCAT – Meethaq Islamic Banking from Bank Muscat has announced that customers can avail of a special offer of waiver of annual fees on all primary and supplementary credit cards for the first year. The offer will be available for a limited time only and is open to all current and new customers who would like to apply for primary and supplementary credit cards for their family members. Meethaq presently offers 4 different credit cards to its customers including the Hafawa Visa Signature credit card, the Titanium Mastercard credit card, Meethaq-LuLu co-branded credit card and the Standard Mastercard credit card.

All Meethaq credit cards are based on the concept of Ujrah as per Shari’a rules and principles. These cards have a number of features and benefits, which include wide acceptance, contactless payments, 24/7 customer service, OTP service for online transactions, SMS alerts for transactions and up to 52 days of payment grace period. Meethaq credit cards have proven to be an attractive option for customers who seek banking products based on Islamic principles and at the same time provide convenience and flexibility in making day-to-day transactions at shopping malls, restaurants or at international destinations.

Apart from its credit cards, Meethaq is also a pioneer in offering innovative digital banking products and services that are aligned to the best practices of Islamic banking and finance worldwide. Its robust Internet Banking and Mobile Banking platforms along with the extended reach of 764 Meethaq and Bank Muscat ATMs and CDMs across the Sultanate make daily financial transactions a breeze for Meethaq customers. Notably, Meethaq has recently debuted a new online account opening process for savings accounts wherein customers can submit the completed account opening form together with supporting documents by email and visit the selected branch only to collect their debit cards. The digitization of a large part of the account opening process minimizes customer visits to branches and waiting times

For more information about Meethaq Credit Cards, please go to or call 24656666.

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