Making the best out of this bad situation

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Alphy Sam
6 G, Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (OMAN)

When there is no choice but to endure a worse situation, it is best to make the best out of it

I still remember the day my mom refused to let me outside to play. I tried to get an approval from my dad, but he also flatly refused. In fact, he got angry and asked me whether I didn’t know about the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

COVID plays foul

I know, I said, fighting back the tears that were waiting to slip from the edges of my eyes. But, what I didn’t tell him was that I never knew that this COVID would play foul with my game time!

It was some virus from somewhere, but why was it stopping me from playing outside? Why was it bothering me? What wrong did I, or any one of us, do to it?

Difficult in the beginning

In the beginning, lockdown was very difficult because, like I said, it stopped me from playing outside and prevented me from meeting my friends, and we couldn’t even go to school, although this last part wasn’t all that bad!

But as the days passed, we began to get used to it and we did not find it all that difficult as it was at the start.

Time with family

Like my dad said, lockdown is the time where we can spend our precious time with family. Now, I understand. I am spending most of my time with family and it feels good. But, sometimes lockdown is difficult because it stops us from our outside fun activities; we cannot go to a mall or a park! Sulk!

Online classes are great

My day starts by attending the online classes. It is great because our teachers have done everything to make us feel comfortable and we feel as though we are in a real classroom with our colleagues and teachers. And who would have ever thought that our home would one day become our classroom and our school? I find it great that our home has become a school. Yes, sometimes it becomes hard when there is a problem with the Internet or if there is a lag.

Homebound games

After my online lessons, I spend my time doing some co-curricular activities. I also made a timetable so that I don’t miss anything and do everything as per the time. In the evening, I play badminton inside my home with my dad because badminton coaching is suspended. My dad helps me to practice in my house. I also play with my brother. I think this is the time to learn more about the Internet and making websites. My dad helps me in this too but I have just learning the basics and have a long way to go.

Healthy food habits

I maintain a healthy food habit by avoiding eating junk food. I also make sure that I get enough rest. I attend some online classes to improve my learning and participate in church activities. In the evening I am back to studying and finish all my home assignments that is given by my teachers.

Make the best out of this lockdown

The fun part of lockdown is that we can spend time with our family. But, the hard part is that we are stuck in our house for a long time. But, we have no choice so I would say that we all should make the best out of this lockdown and try to enjoy the good side of it. But whatever we do, let us make sure that we are safe. 

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