“Let’s take one day at a time”

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Siegrun Samira Rengert, Child nutritionist, Filfil & Loomi

The first few days were full of fear and panic for our own lives, family and friends near and far. It taught us to appreciate waking up in the morning and being alive and healthy. Once I personally disconnected from all the rubbish on social media and kept to the facts I could reestablish a healthy routine for our family and focus. We just took one day at a time.

Good and bad days
There were extremely sad days with news of friends who lost their lives or our cat passing away but there were mostly days where we connected as a family enjoying the little things in life.

Need very little to be happy
This crisis has shown how little we need to be happy and how consumerism has taken over our personal life. Once you have taken a break you can see that it just doesn’t matter what car you are driving or whether you are carrying the latest gadget.

Miss the personal contact
I have been working from home for the past 10 years and know the challenges. The thing I missed the most was the personal contact with colleagues on a daily basis, but the thing I cherish the most is being able to make my family a priority.

Live a down-to-earth life
I hope corporations will continue to allow people to work from home for some days of the week and that the workload would be more evenly distributed so more people will find jobs and adjust to equal salaries to live a more down-to-earth life being able to spending more time with their families.

Economies to be reestablished
Economies will have to be reestablished on a different level and vulnerable parts such as education and health care need to be developed.

Salute those on the front line
I salute the people on the front line and hope very soon they can hug their kids without any fear and can take some rest. I feel for the families who lost loved ones without being able to say goodbye and I feel for the people who lost their jobs and don’t know how to feed their families or pay the rent. We like to help where we can on a personal level and in our community. I always involve my children when we reach out to help people. It will help them and it will help them grow. My advice is to learn how to prepare wholesome food and teach your children how to cook and grow their own food.

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