“Let something more humane emanate from the ashes of this Corona virus”

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Veera Bhacka

I would not be wrong in saying that this COVID-19 has brought the world down to its knees. In other words, it has turned the world upside down. Businesses have been shut, schools and colleges are closed, travel is restricted and many parts of the world are still in lockdown.

But, should we cave in; should we go around with a defeated air? I don’t think so. I think we must endeavour to keep a positive front. So let us move ahead. Challenges create opportunities, let us grab them and let us rise to the occasion during these testing times and show what we are all made of!

But at the current moment, I admit that this COVID-19 hit has affected us  – both in big and small ways.

As the economy plummets, jobs will be at risk and there will be huge pay cuts. Like face masks, social distancing, this will also become the norm. In fact, many are staring down the barrel of months without pay, and others who have suddenly become unemployed are facing a blank wall. ‘No jobs’ and/or ‘no money’ are all negative features that will affect each of us personally. What will we do without a source for making money?

Everyday household expenses would have to be curbed even as things become more expensive.  Shopping, eating out and perhaps even small luxuries will become out of reach for most of us.

 Travel will be a thing of the past
And we, as a family, are travel lovers. It used to be one of our major highs. We would make the most of our vacations by steeping ourselves into the culture and cuisine of the place we would be visiting and do something that is off the beaten track too.

Now, those kinds of vacations are going to be a thing of the past; we won’t be able to afford any such vacations this year or any time soon. We will have to be content with reminiscing about the good times we have had.  But, well, at least, we had them!

Worried about our future
Now, getting down to the brass tacks: as an expat, unfortunately, the risk of losing your job is always high. God forbid, if my husband loses his job, we will face a very uncertain future. Everything will be in disarray. My daughter is studying abroad, and we are paying very high fees for her education. If we have to go back to India without a job in hand, we wouldn’t really know what to do. I am worried about our future and how we will make ends meet in India.

Some are more in need than us
The biggest challenge in the future for all of us is to make sure that we will not go back to our wasteful ways! We have to tighten our budgets, spend very wisely but this should not mean that we should forget our less endowed brethren.

Whatever happens, we should do our best to help others who are in more need than us. While this health crisis has pushed us to the brink, there are many out there who have already fallen and these are the ones who will be more need for charity than ever before. So whatever we do, let us not forget them.

Environment has to be protected
Another challenge I think that we will collectively need to face is the environment. We have to stop polluting our wonderful planet. Let us all join hands to protect and preserve the environment.

Let us rebuild
Finally, let me tell you that I always followed all the government guidelines, sanitise and wash my hands, maintain hygiene and keep my family healthy and happy. I am also not in the habit of hoarding anything, let alone groceries. I have not been wasteful in terms of throwing out food. And right now, I think that is the best that anyone can do in this war against the Corona virus.

We have come this far and so let us lift ourselves and make use of this crisis to rebuild our lives and become better. And soon, from the ashes of this crisis, let us hopefully bring out something better, something more humane.

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