Labour Ministry Reviews its 2021 Executive Plan

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MUSCAT (ONA) – The Ministry of Labour held a press conference during which it reviewed its executive plan of action through 2021. The Ministry affirmed that a number of jobs will be unveiled next week and that, this year (2021), it targets the generation of new employment opportunities through training programmes designed to prepare Omani job seekers to replace expatriates occupying jobs in the government sector.

Dr Mahad Said Ba’Owain, Minister of Labour, said that the press conference aimed to explain some aspects related to the Ministry’s plan of action over the next period, as well as cooperation with other sectors, with the prime objective of providing employment opportunities for citizens.

Meanwhile, Sayyid Salim Musallam al-Busaidi, Labour Ministry’s Under-Secretary for Human Resources Development, said that the Ministry’s plan of action in 2021 seeks to develop human capital, implement policies and strategies for the development of human resources, carry out an on-the-job training programme to replace expat workers and organize training programmes for job seekers to maximize their chances of getting jobs.

Sheikh Nasr Amor al-Hosni, Labour Under-Secretary pointed out that the Ministry formed a working team tasked with diagnosing and addressing labour market challenges. Some of the challenges, he said, included the existence of a ‘restrictive’ labour market that relied on non-Omani labour and focused on ‘quantitative rather than qualitative’ employment due to the implementation of Omanisation percentages, besides a surge in job rotation and full sufficiency in employment in the government sector.

(Source: Oman News Agency)

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