Covid-19 Supreme Committee bans all social gatherings, suspends direct education, international conferences, sports in Oman

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MUSCAT (ONA) — The Supreme Committee tasked with tackling developments resulting from coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic held a meeting under the chairmanship of Sayyid Hamoud Faisal al-Busaidi, Minister of Interior, to study updates on the pandemic and measures to curb the spread of the virus and address its impacts. The meeting deliberated on the serious developments of the pandemic that emerged in many countries around the world due to risks posed by the new variants of Covid-19 causing a sharp rise in infection and death cases and putting huge pressure on health systems.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the committee took note of the precautionary measures undertaken globally to deal with the virus’s developments, prompting countries to take decisions to impose lockdowns, suspend economic activities, and prohibit travel among countries and ban movement within their own boundaries.

In the local front, the committee also noted the marked increase in the number of infections and the growing number of patients admitted to intensive care units and hospital wards in the Sultanate due to non-abidance to precautionary measures endorsed by the authorities concerned. The committee deplored the fact that large gatherings were held for social events and that many people failed to wear face masks or observe physical distances. Also, some establishments failed to comply with the health procedures devised by the authorities concerned, said the committee in its statement.

According to the recommendation of the specialized technical team, the Supreme Committee decided that, with effect  Thursday,  January 28, 2021 till further notice, the following action shall be undertaken:

·      A complete ban on holding social events, irrespective of their nature.

·      Postponement of direct education in universities and colleges.

·      Postponement of expansion in blended learning at government schools.

·      Suspension of international events and activities within the Sultanate.

·      Postponement of local events and activities involving mass gatherings, including sports activities and exhibitions, among other events.

The Supreme Committee advises all citizens and residents to avoid traveling abroad during the forthcoming period, except in cases of extreme emergency. It reminded all that many countries have imposed restrictions on travel and movement. The committee also recommended restricting the dispatch of citizens and residents on official missions abroad.

The Supreme Committee reaffirmed that it will be constantly monitoring the developments of Covid-19 locally and internationally. It cautioned that the pandemic situation arising from the new mutating strains of the disease is extremely delicate and risky. The committee hereby exhorts all citizens and residents to stick to the instructions and measures approved by the authorities concerned, to protect themselves, their relatives and their colleagues at the workplace against the perils posed by the pandemic which may at any time entail death, God forbids.

The Supreme Committee also reiterated its pledge that it will take suitable decisions congruent to the pandemic’s developments and as deemed necessary to protect society and individuals from the disease and to enhance the ability of the health system and health workers to handle the situation. The Committee prayed to the Almighty Allah to spare all people all harms.

(Source: Oman News Agency)

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