ISF Annual Science Fiesta concludes, Indian School Bowsher wins the Rolling Trophy

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MUSCAT – The two-day Annual Science Fiesta 2024 organised by the Indian Science Forum saw the participation of hundreds of students held at the campus of National University for Science and Technology, Al Hail. The Rolling Trophy for the overall performance this year went to the Indian School Bowsher.

One of the main features of the annual event is Sastra Pratibha and this year saw participation of close to 3000 students from 21 Indian schools across the Sultanate of Oman.

The Chairman of ISF, Dr J Retnakumar said, “Every year the Annual Science Fiesta will come up with topics that is important to the society as this year we had Environmental Stewardship as the main theme for all our competitions We are extremely happy to see the enthusiastic participation by the students and support of the schools and teachers and the message conveyed in this science fiesta 2024 is everyone should become an environment steward for sustainability. 

The Indian Science Forum, a pioneering organisation dedicated to promoting scientific knowledge and fostering talent among youth, every year invites distinguished keynote speakers with science background and this year the chief guest was Dr Muralee Thumarukudy, Director of the G20 Global Land Initiative Coordination Office of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The two guests of honour were Faisal Ali Ibrahim al Balushi, Muscat Municipality Council member and Rumaitha al Busaidi, Vice President of Environment Society of Oman.

The Indian Science Forum encourages a passion for science among students of all ages by conducting a series of engaging competitions and activities such as the Shastra Pratibha contest, ISF Igniter-inter-school science quiz, science debate, on-the-spot presentations, digital symposiums, photography and science exhibitions.

Dr Muralee who holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, is also an Alumnus of the International Leadership Academy of the United Nations University and has also attended University of California for the Beaher’s Environmental Leadership Programme. He has been involved in dealing with crisis disasters in this century. Dr Muralee has dealt with Environmental issues associated with conflicts and has also dealt with environmental issues caused by Tsunamis, Floods, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Oil Spill and exploration of ammunition dumps around the world.

Reaching out to the students Dr Muralee said, “The world is getting to be better place and primarily due to science. I am asking you students to use science as a tool to experiment as well as seek employment, keep the scientific temper alive throughout your life because, once you lose the scientific temper, we lose all the achievements humanity has made in the last few hundred years.”

Rumaitha Al Busaidi, an environmental advocate working on sustainable solutions to climate change said, “Today, as we gather at this Science Fiesta, we celebrate not just the pursuit of knowledge, but also our commitment to harnessing that knowledge responsibly. Walking through the exhibition area earlier, I was inspired by the ingenious projects on display. Innovations from biodegradable materials to advanced AI applications for conserving our precious resources show that our community is ready to lead the way in sustainable innovation.”

“Creating sustainable solutions that address the urgent needs of our planet. This responsibility brings us to a pivotal question that I urge each of you to consider: “What would it take you to be a good ancestor?” It’s a question that calls us to reflect not just on what we achieve but, on the legacy, we leave behind,” she urged.

Suresh AM, the General Secretary, announced the names of the Sastra Pratibhas, while Latha Sreejith, the General Coordinator, revealed the names of the A+ and A grade winners of the Sastra Pratibha Contest.

Sabyasachi Choudhury and Atharv Rahul Dehedkar from Indian School Al Ghubra (Senior Category) and Atharv Sinha and Dhivyadharsan Varadharajan from Indian School Muladha (Junior Category) were the champions of the Inter-School Science Quiz. 

T Bhaskaran Vice Chairman of Indian Science Forum delivered the Vote of Thanks and said that since the number of events were more, the celebration has been spread over two full days. “We fully appreciate the unstinted support of the University in holding this prestigious scientific event in their campus. And also, a special thanks to teachers and parents,” he said.

The winners of other competitions were announced by M. M Rasheed, Joint Secretary, Gandhiraj, Treasurer, Hala P Jamal, Co-coordinator and Suresh K. B, member.

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