“Instilled in us a sense of patience, forbearance and humility”

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Ravi Narayanan, senior advisor, Omantel (OMAN)

How COVID-19 changed lives
The pandemic has further brought home the truth that we should not take nature for granted.  It has instilled a sense of patience, forbearance and humility in us and also brought forth the realisation that as human beings we need to leave this planet in a better way than how we found it.

Change our future
We will witness changes in lifestyle, workplace and even our future because of the pandemic. It will change the way people live and work in the future.  The current ‘Work from Home’ concept will be further encouraged. This will reduce commuting and thereby its impact on environment. The pandemic will force governments to allocate additional funds to healthcare.

Biggest challenge
Loss of employment and reduced wages are the two immediate challenges facing individuals.  Not to mention the stress of near and dear ones falling sick due to COVID-19 and families being separated.

The difference we make
My family and I are fully complying with the government directives on social distancing. We also take care to ensure that we are not part of any misinformation or fake news campaign in the social media and look for opportunities to keep ourselves updated and always learning something new.

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