Information Minister delivers statement before Shura Council, outlines media strategy

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MUSCAT – The Shura Council today hosted Dr Abdullah Nasser Al Harrasi, Minister of Information, to discuss the ministry’s statement.

In the statement, which coincided with the Council’s 8th regular session of the 10th Term’s first annual convening, the minister outlined the media strategy and policy of the Sultanate of Oman. The statement touched on the actual outcome of efforts undertaken by the ministry within the context of the 9th Five Year Plan, and the strategic programmes of the ministry during 10th Five Year Plan, the laws regulating the media sector in Oman and the Ministry’s efforts in the field of media training.

Dr Abdullah said that the Omani media receives the support of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik who expressed his conviction in the significant role of the media in the next stage of development. “This is in addition to the importance of the media in enhancing awareness, shaping discourse, preserving the national identity, safeguarding the great gains of the modern and renewed renaissance, conveying Oman’s judicious voice and portraying its sound image to the countries and peoples of the world,” said the minister.

The minister added that “Omani media is undertaking an enlightenment role, disseminating knowledge and achieving cultural openness with others”.

The media in Oman, he explained, lays emphasis on the principle of freedom of opinion and freedom of expression within legal boundaries defined by the Basic Law of the State promulgated by Royal Decree No. 6/2021.

The minister pointed out that Omani media stems from the tenets of the religion of Islam, its noble values and the Basic Law of the State.

The minister underscored the fact that Omani media seeks to strengthen the national unity, consolidate the values of loyalty to the homeland and allegiance to His Majesty the Sultan.

In particular, the Omani media contributes to the promotion of the authentic principles, said the minister, noting that various programmes of the Omani media enshrine Omani society’s cultural identity and aspire to preserve it.

The minister affirmed that the “media draft law” regulates media practices and that the statute-to-be features aspects of comprehensiveness and innovation that keep pace with the developments taking place in the industry.

It should be noted that the Shura Council has approved the draft media law and referred the bill to the State Council to round up the legislative session.

The draft media law was based on rapid developments that have been taking place in the media domain since the issuance of the laws governing media activities, making it necessary to merge the statutes into one uniform law.

The new bill, once endorsed, will result in the abolition of the laws governing media activities, which are the “Printing and Publishing Law”, the “Law on Private Radio and Television Establishments”, and the “Law on Censorship of Artistic Works”.

(Source: ONA)

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