Indian Ambassador visits BEL office at KOM

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MUSCAT – Indian Ambassador Munu Mahawar, along with Defence Advisor Capt Nilesh L Khokle visited Bharat Electronics Limited (Govt of India Undertaking under Ministry of Defence) Commercial Representative Office in Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM-4) recently.

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) Commercial Representative Office commenced its operation in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in July 2019. BEL product portfolio caters for both defence and civilian markets. Major system & equipment includes Radar, Sonars, Communication systems, and Networking solutions for all the three defence forces. BEL also has expertise in the field of Smart City solutions, which can be used for efficient delivery of Public services on a single platform, supporting a diverse set of services like Lighting, Healthcare, Solid Waste Management, Geo Tagging, City Planning and so on. In addition, BEL is in the process of launching innovative products like Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) in Oman.

BEL team consisting of Sunil Bhatia, Chief Regional Manager (CRM) and Sanjeev Kumar DRM, Muscat Oman gave presentation on the ongoing activities and future business plans. 

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