Despite the current uncertainties, life will still go on

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Reju Mathew Zacharia

Freelance corporate trainer/consultant (INDIA)

This COVID is a real worry. Just when we thought that we are going to see the less (of course NOT the end of it) of it, the virus suddenly unleashes its renewed fury in a new, much more potent, form.

A much more potent version
It is like in the street fights where you beat the opponent to a pulp and chase him to his home and then suddenly in the haze you realise that standing there on the doorway of their home, with his hands on his hips, is a muscled, larger-sized version of the guy you just beat, and he is ready to pounce… on you!

The battle continues
What happens now? Do you turn tail and flee, or will you dig in your heels and fight, ready to face the long haul despite being confronted by a variety of emotions, running from sheer fear to more of a relaxed and common ground sensation, which is running through your veins to allow yourself to accept the fact that the battle continues unabated…

Brought in lot of anxiety
The pandemic has brought in a lot of anxiety among people due to the physical and mental health struggles; unemployment rates being on an all time high; loss of dear ones etc. Be it individuals, institutions or even business conglomerates, none were prepared to face such a catastrophe. The government bodies and even the World Health Organisation (WHO) were unaware of the potential of the virus to create havoc around the globe. The world powers were exposed of their vulnerability in the wake of an uninvited guest: COVID-19.

Started fearing people
Most of us didn’t know what to expect and whom to trust. People became as insecure as to how they were going to go forward with their lives. In a world where we always focussed on being socially active, a strange phrase called “social distancing” inveigled its way in. And when we got around to practicing it, we began to fear people, even our near and dear ones. This fear, although reduced, still exists.

A magic word called ‘cleanliness’
The value of money was very much felt among people although the spending power was drastically reduced, in the sense, you had the means to spend but you were less inclined and uncertainty of the future made you consciously keep your budget to a minimum.Also, ‘cleanliness’ was the magic word and probably the most sought after act in centuries.

A time for self improvement
The positive side to it was that people got time to think and to be with family. A lot of people made use of the time for self improvement. A lot of new courses were created and the opportunities were given to the public to learn online. People got time to focus on their passions/hobbies. They could spend time with family, which is the very foundation of our existence.

Post COVID, more entrepreneurs
Professionally there has been a slow down. The budgets have been cut down and as a last resort, a lot of people, were also terminated from companies. Online activities have become more of a life skill to learn for anybody and everybody. Now that the survival instincts of people have kicked in, people are venturing into different areas to see what can sustain them. The post COVID era will bring in a lot of new entrepreneurs.

Business empires could crumble
The existing business empires can fall if they don’t change according to the market demands. People are not going to spend on luxury. Travel and tourism industry will take a serious hit. People will spend only for their bare necessities and the spending pattern of the customers will be very conservative for the next two to three years. Online retailers are going to see a growth in the coming years.

Travails of being homebound
Being homebound will make people alienate from their social circle and thus bringing in depression, and the severity of it might lead to suicides among them. The crime rates can increase due to the unemployment being an all-time high.

Pros and cons of technology
People are going to be dependent on technology where human interaction becomes minimal. The intervention of technologies can further spiral down the employment opportunities of people.

More demand for mental health experts
The elderly can have serious mental as well as physical impact due to COVID-19. Without regular exercise, their health will deteriorate. An increase in demand for mental health practitioners/psychiatrists can be expected.

World will gear up to face the odds
There will be a lot of uncertainties going forward, but the world will gear up to create protective measures for future catastrophe. More funds will be spent on medicines, vaccines and antidepressants, but despite all this, life will go on. 

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