Drive more miles for less with Mazda Skyactiv Technology

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MUSCAT – Mazda achieved a technology that would reduce the fuel consumption up to 30 percent while decreasing the weight of the engine, resulting in an overall faster, cheaper, and controlled drive. This puts the Mazda Skyactiv Engine above every single Gasoline and Diesel engine in the world, making Mazda the most fuel efficient car producer in the world.

How did Mazda achieve such efficiency?

When the engineers worked on the engine with Mazda Skyactiv Technology’s philosophy of Jinba Ittai, “the ride and the rider being one”, to make the drive a part of the driver’s experience – the prior problems that came with fuel-efficient engines started to make sense with a newer perspective.

The Mechanics of the Skyactiv Technology

The first thing was that the 14:1 ratio piston was redesigned to not only trigger combustion with pressure, but with the addition of a spark plug and an injection of fuel to trigger the combustion exactly when it was needed.
The second upgrade was the shape of the piston, which was dome shaped to cover more surface area, resulting in increased combustion with less kinetics and less power. Better mechanism and dome-shaped piston design were the key ingredients of this engine. The overall efficiency and effectiveness of Mazda Skyactiv Technology works with both upgrades in place.

Experiencing the Mazda Skyactiv Technology in a drive is somewhat similar to a diesel engine, with a short-term punch of a petrol engine. When you come to think of it, it feels like a smooth ride of a race car on a track, since the exhaust system to avoid hot air from going in other cylinders is a similar system used in race cars. So the smooth ride comes from low friction in the engine and the powerful punch in low speed comes from the efficiency of the piston design.
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