Design your destiny using alternate science: Dr Roniie Pinnto, Master of Occult Science

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There’s an unknown power in us, within us, around us… everywhere. If we are able to harness that true power, the results will be almost magical. It will turn around our lives and fortunes.

Tune into the frequency
We need to tune into that frequency. We need to connect with that harmony. And while astrology, vaastu shastra, numerology, and other such esoteric paths help us to connect with things that are seemingly beyond explanation, controversy erupts.
While astrology, numerology and other natural sciences attempts to peacefully co exist with science, the latter in turn, seems to be all out to destabilise it, prove it wrong and at times it succeeds, thanks to a few practitioners who are either imperfect in their services or are simply frauds.

Bridge the gap
Isn’t there a world out there, which is yet unknown, in which science is still groping in the dark? And, if there was a way to bridge the gap, it would be true, honest and passionate practitioners of these alternate sciences like Dr Roniie Pinnto.

Respect denied

But even Dr Pinnto quite often feels that he does not get the respect that he deserves, sometimes even from his own community.“There are many in our community who can accept Albert Einstein as a scientist, but cannot digest Roniie Pinnto as a scientific vaastu healer!”
Buried in this statement is the pain that Dr Pinnto, a master of occult science, wants to wants to convey to the world about his status. Dr Pinnto, astrologer, numerologist, paranormal healer, has celebrities queuing at his door, but some of those close to him seek to derail him from this alternate course.
However, this has only hardened Dr Pinnto’s resolve to take his science to greater heights. He is climbing new heights at a breathtaking pace. Although the loss of a very dear one set him on this occult path, he has virtually filled that vacuum with a newfound energy and a mission to help those who are caught in the ugly warp of the beyond.  Dr Pinnto feels that it is his moral responsibility to uphold the legacy of this branch of ancient sciences. “If we are able to harness the real power of astrology or vaastu shastra, we can turn around lives and fortunes,” he claims.


How exactly did you get into this field of vaastu and numerology?
I had a keen interest in vaastu since a very long time.  But when I lost my wife in 2012, I found myself knocking on the doors of occult science. Since then I have not looked back. I soon became a master of occult science. This has been my fulltime profession since then.

From whom did you learn the intricacies of vaastu and numerology and all other fields that you practice? Who is your guru and whom were you inspired by to take these fields?
I learnt vaastu from various sources; learnt mahavaastu, Vedic vaastu and also scientific vaastu. I also learnt numerology and paranormal healing from a variety of teachers. I am not taking everyone’s name, but all of them had a role to play. However, I must say that I was blessed to have learnt under K B (Sir) and been under Rahul Kaushal’s tutelage.

At what age did you get into this?  How did the interest come about? Also, at what age did this become your career?
I used to read a lot of books on vaastu, and this made me more and more interested in the subject. I also used to watch a lot of vaastu on You Tube channels. But, again, it was in 2012 that I was propelled to become an occult teacher. I would call that my “turning point” in my occult career.

Did you face opposition from your parents/elders in choosing the profession that you are in?
I didn’t face problems in choosing this career as such. But, as I was born in a Christian family, many of the staunch believers couldn’t understand and accept the fact that vaastu is a science. And it was difficult for me to convince them that what I was practicing was scientific vaastu, which is based on science and does not involve poojas and prayers. There are many in our community who can accept Albert Einstein as a scientist, but cannot digest Roniie Pinnto as a scientific vaastu healer.

When did you taste the first moment of success – in the sense, some correct prediction; some vaastu advice that you gave, which helped someone a great detail; some numerological advice that proved to be a great success…? Could you remember those first days of success?
My first success in vaastu came soon after my course in Delhi in 2012. During my course, I was staying at my friend’s (Das) place in Dwaraka, New Delhi. During my stay there, he casually asked me to see if his house was according to the norms of vaastu.
I agreed and asked him what his problem was: did he face any particular challenges in this house? Yes, he said, since many days he had become very aggressive and argumentative, fighting with almost everyone. He had recently fought with his mother; almost every day with his wife; with his colleagues and even with rickshaw drivers. He had also fought with his in laws. He didn’t know what was happening to him and this is what led him to make his request.
So I thoroughly inspected the house and the only jarring item was a red vase kept in a corner of the living room. I saw that it was totally out of place there so I immediately asked Das to just keep it out of the house. But, the moment it was done, Das’s wife said that she was beginning to feel feverish and also experienced shivering. A doctor was immediately called and he prescribed her some medicines.
I had to leave for Mumbai the same day, but when I reached the Delhi railway station, I got a call from Das saying that his wife had developed further uneasiness and was admitted to a hospital. Das asked me whether this was because of shifting the vase from their home. I assured him that the shifting of the vase was not the cause.  Throughout the journey back, I kept praying for the well being of my friend’s wife. As soon as I reached Mumbai, I called Das a trifle fearfully, but was relieved when he said his wife was better now and would be discharged by evening. I was thankful to God, but the great moment came when Das called me the next day. He called and said, “Thanks a ton Roniie, everything is alright now and I am grateful to you.”
He explained that since his wife was hospitalised, all his in laws made a beeline to the hospital. “Somehow everything seemed changed in their behaviour. They were very friendly and we even talked and ate together. It seemed that all our fights were forgotten. “Even my mother came back from Calcutta to take care of her daughter in law. It was amazing. All of our quarrels and fights were forgiven and forgotten!”I was a on a high after hearing this — my first success story. What did I do? I just removed a red vase from my friend’s house and all problems were resolved.

How many years are you into this and has your life been a success story?
I am into this field since a decade now and every day is a new challenge. People keep coming up with problems you have never heard before. And once I solve these problems, I am showered with happiness as their happiness – in getting their problems solved – becomes mine. The best part of my job is that every night I sleep with the immeasurable joy, brought about by each success story.

Did you apply the tenets of vaastu and numerology to yourself and has it helped you? (You seem to have altered the letters in your name – changed the spelling of your name? Could you tell us how that has helped you?)
Principally, I feel that someone in this profession should never do it for him/herself. If he ever wants to do it, he should hire some other professional. I had my name change done through numerology by another known numerologist named Suddha. I changed my name from Ronald Pinto to Roniie Pinnto and believe me, it was a miraculous transformation. I could achieve success and fame that I had never ever dreamt of. And because of this I have become a very known and successful occult practitioner, a vaastu guru, a star numerologist, a celebrity astrologer and a paranormal healer.

What according to you is vaastu; and, also numerology? How do you see them; rate them and do you think by diligently following the rules anyone would be able to get out of their difficulties; problems and turn their challenges and obstacles into success?
Vaastu is a science of structures. It’s the creation of a harmonious energy field in structures. It is an art of placing things through which a balance between negative and positive energies in the structure is maintained. Every structure or building or flat has entrances, toilets and kitchens.  A vaastu expert would look at these areas: soil inspection, roads’ curing, facing of the plots, water, surrounding environment, directions and much more in selecting plots and the construction of a building, bungalow or an industrial unit.
Vaastu is based on five elements: air, water, earth, space and fire. If these five elements are balanced, one gets successful results in vaastu for their financial growth, good health, great family bonding, success in business and job; children would excel in their education, marriages would take place in time, any problems in terms of conceiving would easily be solved.

Could you relate some of the successful stories that you have had with your clients?
I once got a desperate call from my doctor-client from Andheri, Mumbai. Her life was miserable and she was on the verge of committing suicide. She and her husband were fighting almost every single day since they got married. She was fed up and was not ready to take it anymore. Her father, at the time of marriage, had told her that once she stepped out of their home, she should never return. Therefore, she had no one else to turn to. All doors were shut before her. And so, the only option was to take her own life. I understood her problem, quoted my fees and went and inspected her house. After the inspection I told her to do some major changes in her house without any demolition. One of the changes, I had asked, was to shift her bed from one corner to the other.
After couple of days, the doctor called me and said: “Mr Pinnto, you will not believe this, but my husband has totally changed – for the better!” She went on: she and her husband had not fought for the last two days. I joked, asking her if she was missing the fights, and if so I could easily reverse the changes I had made. She said a big “NO”. I explained to her that neither she nor her husband had anything against each other, but they were sleeping in the wrong zone. And this had affected their temperament. Both she and her husband are living happily now.

One of my clients told me that for the last three years he and his wife were trying to get their daughter married off, but to no avail. After my inspection of their house, I told them a simple thing: change the daughter’s bedroom! Although initially the daughter was dead against this change, she finally agreed. Within 45 days after this change, a proposal came through and the girl’s marriage was finalised and within six months, she got married.

Another client of mine told me that even after six years of marriage she was unable to conceive. She had two miscarriages and even after many doctor consultations, she had reached nowhere. I inspected their house and found that their toilet was in the wrong zone. The house also required some other minor corrections. The changes were executed and within a matter of months, my client’s pregnancy report was positive.

Do you have a big list of clients? Does it include prominent personalities, celebrities, sportsmen/women, film stars and politicians?
I have a big list of clients.  And the best part is that these clients are referred by others (clients) who have got good results after consulting with me. There are many celebrity clients: some actors, politicians, sportsmen and yes, many well-known celebrities, but I can’t name them.

When you say paranormal, you mean ghosts and the like? Did you have some direct confrontation with ghosts or spirits? Any incidents that you could relate?
Well, yes, paranormal is something that is not normal. It has more to do with negative energy. There is something called bandhan dosh (vengeful process, comes under black magic), which is performed by tantriks or supernatural gurus for their clients to defeat their opponents. Once the bandhan dosh is performed on somebody for a particular reason for example business, job, health, marriage, conceiving etc then that person’s business may not do well; many will lose jobs; marriage problems will occur; health issues will crop up and women will not be able to conceive.

Black magic
Then there is something called black magic.  Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes, which is used to destroy somebody physically, mentally or financially. This is done by using the victim’s hair, clothes; staring into their eyes or even with the help of their photo. In today’s world — this (black magic) has become commonplace — where you have more enemies than friends!

Ghost or possessed energy
There are many instances and places where ghosts are found. I have found these ghosts haunting houses, hospitals and even railway stations etc. If you believe in ghosts, you’re not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. In fact, ghosts are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon. When you go to places that are said to be haunted, or forbidden, unfortunately, chances abound for some of us to get accidentally possessed by these energies. And from then on they will live a dual life, one of their own and the second with the demands of the spirit that has possessed them.

One real case story
One night, a 29-year old Catholic girl was coming back from the church.  At a certain point in her journey, she passed under the structure of a building and she immediately got possessed by the spirit of a very bitter and downtrodden lady. By the time the girl returned home, her entire behaviour had changed. She began abusing in Hindi; mouthing some very bad words; repeatedly spitting, and then making unusual food demands, wanting items that she never used to eat before.
Her family took her to many places to heal but all attempts failed. This continued for 12-long years and then they finally contacted me. I visited their house and as I was sitting in their house talking to the girl’s mother, the girl came screaming and charging at me with a hockey stick. Somehow I restrained her and she left growling and glaring at me with her big, dark, bloodshot eyes. But I didn’t budge: I confronted her and told her, “Today is your last day in this house, you have to leave this girl and house by tomorrow noon”. She, in turn, viciously spat at me.

The next day, around 11.30am, I went to their house, and the mother said that the girl was impatiently waiting for me. She had taken her bath and food very early that day. I immediately told her mother to lock her in one room and I began my work in the other room. But no sooner had we locked her in, she started screaming and began to loudly bang on the door. I told her mother not to open the door till I finished my work. She kept on banging and screaming. I had just about finished my job, when this girl, with some superhuman strength, broke the latch of the door and ran out of the house.
I did not stir. I quietly completed my work and five minutes later, this girl returned quietly and from that simple entry itself, it was evident that the spirit that had possessed her had left. She was smiling at me and thanked me profusely for saving her life. From then on she began to live a normal life.
But the poor girl had lost 12 precious years of her life – from 29 she had become 41. For some days she couldn’t recognise herself in the mirror because she only could remember herself as a 29-year old. Of course, it took time for her to recover but thankfully, she did gradually.

What has been your biggest success story in the arena of vaastu and also in numerology?
Vaastu as mentioned earlier is more of balancing the five elements. Once these are balanced, one can have financial stability in life, great bonding in all relationships, and good health for all in the family; children can excel in education but then, there is much more than this, which I slowly learnt and realised after each case study.
One of my initial and biggest success stories was that of a couple who even after eight years of marriage were not able to conceive a child.

The lady was 130kgs and their gynaecologist had said that to conceive she has to lose at least 40kgs and this was next to impossible. The couple’s life was in a mess. They were working in my neighbouring office and hence they knew that I was into vaastu. They approached me and told me that they needed help. I visited their house and inspected it thoroughly and told the couple they could be blessed with a child if they engage in all the remedial work as per my advice. They readily agreed to do everything. I promised them that they will have their desired result in 45 days and believe me at the end of the 45th day, they gave me the good news: the lady’s pregnancy test was positive. And by the end of the ninth month, she delivered a healthy baby boy. And the doctor who delivered the baby was the same one who had told her to lose 40kgs. He was surprised and asked the couple how they managed to achieve the near impossible and my name was mentioned. The doctor called me and then made me do a vaastu of their hospital, clinic and also their residence.

This was my first success story, which gave me an immediate boost to my chosen career. This was my first case and thereafter I did more than 40 cases where people were blessed with children — all with the help of vaastu.  And I submitted this as a thesis for my PhD research. I was conferred with a doctorate on the subject of conceiving children with the help of vaastu.

My success story in numerology happened when a girl called me saying that she was going through hell, had health and financial problems and her career was in danger of sinking. I told her to message me her details and to meet me at my office. She asked me my consultation charges and when I quoted the same, she told me she won’t be able to pay me as she was not having any money at all. I refused to meet her. She called me again next day pleading for my help, or else, she was on the verge of taking her own life. She kept on pleading with me, crying at the same time and then she disconnected the phone.

When I went through the details, her date of birth etc., I was shocked to learn that the next 10 days was going to be her most difficult period and she could even commit suicide during this period. The very next morning I called the girl and told her to come and meet me. And as she raised the issue of her lack of money, I reassured her that we will discuss payment later.

I immediately worked on her numerology chart and made a small change in her name and told her to start using this new name on a daily basis — this new name changed her life. At that point, she was a total failure, a non entity, but today she is a successful celebrity artist.

What were the challenges you have faced in your profession – do you still face a lot of challenges?
The biggest challenge I had faced was from my near and dear ones. I am a Christian, but my family didn’t believe in me then, and nor do they believe in me now. Today, I am a well-known entity in my field; people know me through Facebook, Instagram and my You Tube channel. There are many who follow me, subscribe my channel but yet, there are times even today, when some of my family members tell me to hide my page on Facebook. I realised that these challenges will be there throughout as you might have heard of the popular saying diya tale andhera (just below the lamp lies darkness). But these things have never affected me or my profession. Today, I have thousands of people who trust my work and thousands of families who have become my family.

There is a large segment of rationalists who debunk astrology; vaastu; numerology… What do you have to say to them? Has anyone from that segment challenged you?
I have not met many rationalists in my 10-year career. Especially none who debunked astrology or vaastu. And no, they never interfered with my work or challenged me. They used to accompany their family members and quietly observe me, my actions, my remedies and I can proudly say that most of them trust me today.

Also, so far have you made any errors of judgment; made mistakes in predictions and/or your vaastu predictions or numerology corrections failed? What has been the biggest challenge in this arena?
In my 10 years in this arena, dealing daily with astrology, vaastu, numerology and paranormal healing, I have never made an error. That, I strongly believe, is because of the divine blessings on me.

My success ratio is 95 percent. My failure is five percent. This five percent are those who have not done the remedies as per my advice or those whose work, I have done freely. Free work has no value and chances of failure are more — this is one reason I don’t work for free now.

Is vaastu, astrology, numerology and such matters beyond the realm of science? How do you view them?
Vaastu, astrology, numerology… are all part of science. Astrology is the script of a person, which is written at his/her birth and all of us live, act and work as per the written script and it is the same for all. Vaastu is a science of five elements; north direction is the same for all caste and creed. And the science of numbers, which is known as numerology is practised all over the world.

How important is vaastu and numerology in a person’s life?
Vaastu and numerology are very important in a person’s life as it helps to enhance his/her life. It helps you to enhance yourself from poverty to prosperity; ill health to good health; from hate to love and helps one to build a peaceful and contented life.

Take these examples: You buy a house worth one crore (around OMR49611.75), and do interior works for Rs 10 to 15 lakhs (OMR 4,961.960 to OMR7,442.940), but the well made, fully decorated house will not give you the peace,  joy and happiness you seek in your life. 

But spending few thousands can make your life worth living. You buy a laptop worth Rs50000 (OMR248.098) but if you don’t buy Rs500 (OMR 2.481) worth antivirus, your laptop can crash. Vaastu works like an antivirus for your house. But then, let the choice be yours: you have to climb 10 floors and the options before you are: a staircase and a lift. It is upto you to choose the speed you need to climb the 10 floors.

Life and living is a way of balancing the elements and different circumstances – isn’t a positive attitude against the problems and difficulties that we face better than all the other advices? Your comments.
Positive attitude is good and it can help you live positively but as my case studies reveal, correcting the zonal strength and balancing the five elements could help a childless couple to get one; for the loser to win; for the poor to escape from poverty… could a couple’s positivity, or a worker’s positive behaviour, alone help them get what they want?

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