“COVID-19 might succeed in paving the way for a more humane society”

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Maybe at the end of this crisis, we may end up being better human beings!

Masroor Cheeda
Advertising and branding communications specialist, digital marketer and influencer (PAKISTAN)

This COVID-19 season is ‘history in the making’. It has turned the world upside down. It has impacted everyone and everything. Every aspect of our lives has been touched. And whether it is good or bad, we are currently living in the time where history is happening. Yes, we can take note of the fact that we are actually living in a time, be it for good or bad reasons, which will be remembered forever and indelibly registered in history books.

We may become better human beings
But against the collective sigh of despair, there will also be a sigh of relief. For there are many who believe that in this fight against this deadly Corona virus, there is a chance that it could also pave the way for a more humane society! At the end of it all, we may all emerge as better human beings!

Focus on what really matters
I believe that COVID-19 has transformed people’s thought process and made us all look at the positive side of things too. As we rose in unison to fight against it, we also gained the power of positivity. I feel that way because it has changed my perspective of the world. It has helped me open my eyes to what really matters in my life.

I feel that as a society, we have been largely engaged in the pursuit of material things and paid little attention to anything else. And then came the COVID! Despite the destruction it wreaked out, it also showed us that the most valuable things in our lives are the relationships – both family and friends — we have forged in our journey.

What we really miss
When we were not able to meet our family or friends, we realised how dearly we missed them and understood that there is nothing beyond them. Everything else is secondary. This COVID has become a teacher, a harsh one of course, but still one that taught us humility; taught us to be grateful for all that we have and taught us to be thankful of the abundance we are blessed with!

Technology can change the world
That is from the human perspective, but from the other side, it widened the doors to allow technology to enter our lives. Truly, technology has been our saviour in this time of the virus. For someone like me who is steeped in this field of technology, it is another stamp of approval and attestation to what I have always propagated. It has further shown my clients the importance of brand recognition and marketing.

Armed with just a website and digital media you can change the world!  If you are in the tangible products’ business line, you can still stay afloat even during this crisis if you have laid the right technological foundation for your business. And even now, it is not too late! COVID has shown how important it is to be constantly evolving with technology in today’s constantly changing world.

Together we can change the world
Talking of change, COVID has shown that the world can’t move forward with the way things were. We were so ‘siloed’ in our thinking and progress. It has shown to the world that we must work together to not only fight against a crisis, but whatever we set to achieve can be done if we work together.

Let us take this rush to find a vaccine for the virus as an example. Countries, health organisations, leading doctors are all working together to fight this disease as well as find a cure.

And my belief is that the future portends good things if we continue to adopt a positive manner even when the crisis gets over. I am not sure when that will happen, but I keep my fingers crossed.

Not a rosy picture
Now, I don’t want to paint a rosy picture. COVID-19 has really destroyed lives, decimated companies, and perhaps pushed back the progress and developments of several countries by many decades.

Every day we are witness to this negative effects of COVID. Businesses are going through a lot of financial issues wherein they are forced to downsize their commercial spaces and operations from a brick and mortar footprint to an online version just to lower their overheads. This crisis has and will continue to create a lot of economic downfalls. The lower-middle class will have to cope with issues like food shortages, growing health concerns, and high unemployment, which will create uncertainly on how to support their families in the future.

Time to evolve
Further, we already see a shift in the HR policies of organisations. Working from home has become the new norm and will continue to be so till schools, institutions and offices are opened. It’s time for all of us to evolve during this time and learn new skills, allowing us to work from home.

Impact of COVID will stay for long
The economic hit that we have taken due to COVID is huge. I don’t think economies will be able to revive themselves the moment COVID goes away. These types of hits have a long-term impact. It is possible that many countries may go into a recession because of it. And like I mentioned, it will continue to affect unemployment rates and organisations will slowly run out of business.

All of this will not only have financial implications, it will evolve our day-to-day lives.

Let’s flatten the curve
The biggest thing that all of us can do right now is to adhere to the quarantine restrictions. The sooner we flatten the curve by staying at home, the faster we all will come out of this.

Would like to lend a hand
I also am keen to lend my hand to this cause of supporting people who are severely impacted by the crisis. I would like to help in any way possible, whether it is by educating people through my social media channels or just providing resources in whatever means necessary.

Finally, I wish and pray that people around the world will adhere to the lockdown measures and will continue to stay safe and healthy at home with their families and also hope that each and every one of us will always fan the flames of hope alive.

(*) Masroor is into advertising / branding / public relations /communications and is an avid Youtube Vlogger. Contact: [email protected]


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