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  • Let’s raise our kids’ ‘Eye-Q’ along with their IQ

    Let’s raise our kids’ ‘Eye-Q’ along with their IQ

    MUSCAT – Schools may have reopened, but unlike the norm – there are no school buses; no uniforms and no lunch packs — instead the schools are reaching homes through virtual screens. The ‘back to school’ adage is now replaced with ‘learn at home’ – the new normal. With the impact of the pandemic, uncertainty…

  • The Mask of Covid

    The Mask of Covid

    By Tawfiq Ali Salmeen Al Lawati Hasten to take cover with the Covid maskTo perform the major daily task. It surely befriends everyone around Short time back it couldn’t be found. There is so much to its positive sideMany in the beginning used to chide. It plays its role for the protectionAs well to conceal…

  • Coronavirus Poem

    Coronavirus Poem

      By David P Caroll Irish poet We live in a scary world today It’s different than Before No more hugs kissing Our happiness gone away Like never before The virus has taken our Loved ones away Families suffering Like never before The fear of the unknown Has arrived The worry of what will happen…