CAA issues warning (1) on tropical Cyclone Tej

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MUSCAT — Latest satellite images and weather charts analysis at the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Center indicate the intensification of the tropical cyclone (Tej) to a category (3) cyclone. It is centered on Latitude 12.3 °N and Longitude 55.3 °E. The center of the cyclone is around 500 km away from the nearest coast of Oman.

According to the warning (1) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), wind speed around the center is estimated between 100 to 112 Knots, and the nearest rainy cloud mass is estimated to be 280 km away from the coasts (Wilayat of Sadah).

The forecasts suggest that the cyclone will continue to move west northwest towards the coasts of Dhofar Governorate and the Republic of Yemen (Al Mahra). It is likely to further intensify into a category (4) cyclone within the upcoming 24 hours.

The direct impact of the cyclone is expected to begin on Dhofar and AI Wusta governorates starting from today (Sunday night), 22 October with heavy rainfall (50 – 150 mm) and water inundation due to storm surge.

The major impact is expected to be tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday (23 and 24 October 2023) with extremely heavy rainfall (200-500 mm) which will cause wadis overflow, flashfloods and moderate to fresh winds (40 – 70 knots) with strong gusts which may lead to the dispersal of loose materials and the falling of trees.

The sea is expected to be very rough ranging between (6-12 meters).

In addition, storm surge might cause sea water inundation over low level coastal areas.
CAA advices all to take maximum precautions, to avoid the risk of crossing wadis and low-lying areas and to avoid the sea during this period.

(Source: ONA)

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