Bank Muscat launches 12th edition of Green Sports Programme

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All applicants are invited to submit their applications before February 18, 2023

MUSCAT – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes form an essential pillar of Bank Muscat’s strategy of working continuously for the benefit of society. Hence, the bank launched the 2023 edition of its flagship CSR programme, Green Sports, and has invited all local sports teams who would like to apply for the programme to do so well before the deadline on 18 February 2023. The Green Sports programme is developed to help local sports teams enhance their role in the community and provide suitable infrastructure that can help the youth develop their talents. The scope of Green Sports support for sports teams include greening of football fields with natural or synthetic turf, floodlights and water desalination equipment in areas facing problems of water salinity. This year too, 20 sports teams from different governorates will be provided support in one of the four categories available to them.

To improve the programme’s inclusivity and reach across the Sultanate, applications can be submitted digitally. For more information and to submit applications, teams should go to: and complete the application form electronically using a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. All applicants should be able to showcase their positive impact and contributions to the local community. In case of any queries or doubts on the submission process, teams may email [email protected], or call 24768595/24801200/24801625 for more details.

Speaking about the launch of the 2023 edition, Talib Saif Al Makhmari, Manager, Community & Media Relations, Bank Muscat, said: “We are pleased to see the positive social impact that Green Sports has created since its launch in 2012 as it is considered one of the major sustainable programmes the bank is implementing. It was developed to support talented Omani youth by enhancing the infrastructure available to local sports teams in the Sultanate. We would like to encourage all teams who would like to apply for the support to submit their applications through the specified link ahead of the deadline. Going ahead, the bank will continue its support to sports teams through Green Sports and help the youth meet their aspirations in this field.”

Talib Al Makhmari thanked all sports teams for their confidence in Green Sports Programme as it witnesses excellent and spirited competition every year. This confirms the success of the programme in enhancing this important sector. He wished the applicants all the best with their applications this year.

The landmark Green Sports Programme is one of Bank Muscat’s CSR initiatives, which draws from the values of leadership and partnership so as to create a positive impact on Omani society. The programme aims to develop and provide a sustainable infrastructure for sports fields in Oman. It is a matter of great encouragement that Bank Muscat’s Green Sports programme has so far benefitted 163 teams with over 50,000 team members across the Sultanate of Oman and with yet another 20 teams to be added this year. In the past few months, the bank has seen the inauguration of more Green Sports fields across Oman. The facilities developed as part of the programme are often used as a venue for other social activities by local communities, leading to stronger social bonding and positive behaviour among young people. 

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