Bank Muscat honours the achievements of Omani women

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MUSCAT – Bank Muscat has expressed its deepest appreciation to all Omani women, including the bank’s female employees in particular for their continuous efforts and achievements. It has to be noted that the wholehearted participation and the strong role of women has been playing a great role in the stability, progress and long term development of the Sultanate.

As one of the achievements of Omani Renaissance, Bank Muscat is proud of the opportunities that have been provided to women employees who now make up more than 48 percent of the over 3,800 employees at the bank. As a result of its excellent HR practices, women employees work across different departments and at all levels including the bank’s senior management. The bank provides a professional work environment based on a fair and equal opportunity to all, state-of-the-art technology and global best practices in the financial services sector. Bank Muscat has affirmed that the bank will continue to provide more educational opportunities and ‘on the job training’ to Omani women to reach the highest levels in their career in the coming years.

Empowering Omani Women
On this occasion, Ilham Murtadha Al Hamaid, Deputy General Manager – Large Corporates, Bank Muscat, said: “Since the launch of the Blessed Renaissance under the leadership of the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said (May his soul rest in peace), the role of Omani women has been recognised and cherished as a pillar of society’s progress in various fields. This role has been further strengthened under the able leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik for the Renewed Renaissance of the Sultanate. Bank Muscat is particularly proud of the role that Omani women play in various sectors, especially in the banking sector and their contributions to the progress of the Bank. Omani women have proven their abilities and leadership skills and this is reflected in the new organisational structure of the bank, which will come into effect from 1 January 2022. The bank is keen to continue supporting Omani women and give them more opportunities to grow and rise to the top-most levels as well as contribute to achieving the goals of the landmark Oman Vision 2040. I extend my sincere appreciation, thanks and greetings to each and every Omani woman as we work together for the further advancement of our beloved country.

Thank you Bank Muscat
A number of Bank Muscat female employees also expressed their happiness regarding the fact that a day has been dedicated to Omani women and to celebrate their successes and achievements in various sectors. Speaking on the occasion, Ola Rashid Al Talei, Manager, Safalat Ibra Branch, North Sharqiyah, said: “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s (May his soul rest in peace) efforts to empower and honour Omani women and prepare them for greater achievements in life is one of the crowning glories of Omani Renaissance. It has led to more women actively contributing to the nation’s progress and development.” She added: “My own journey at Bank Muscat is an excellent example of how the bank encourages and promotes its women employees to do well in their careers. I was able to gain good experience over the years and reach the position of branch manager. Our experiences over the years have taught us to absorb the art of management and overcome various challenges. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Bank Muscat, especially the Executive Management, for the support and attention accorded to Omani women. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Omani women, especially my colleagues at Bank Muscat.”

Proud to be recognised
Speaking about the importance of the day for Omani women, Rabab Abdullah Al-Ajmi, Manager, Saham Corniche Branch, North Al Batinah, said: “We are proud to be honoured on this day which have motivated Omani women to exert more efforts in nation-building and contribute more to the success of the Sultanate in different sectors. The strong participation of Omani women will be an engine of strong growth that helps achieve the ambitious goals of Oman Vision 2040.” Rabab added: “With regards to the excellent opportunities that have been provided to me in my career, there is no doubt that Bank Muscat has played a major role in helping me grow and build my skills. I have been continuously offered several opportunities for training and upskilling myself so as to take on more responsibilities and bigger roles. Women work across all the departments and branches of the bank. This shows the keen support extended by the Executive Management of the Bank. I would like to tell all my sisters that while there are many challenges to overcome in any work environment, we have to be optimistic and work towards our goals, and participate actively in strengthening the pillars of this great nation.

More efforts and creativity
Sumaya Khalifa Al Hasni, Manager, Al Kamil Branch, South Al Sharqiyah, said: “Thanks to the many opportunities provided by the Blessed Renaissance, Omani women have been steadily proving their competence and capabilities across different fields. The role of women in society has only been growing. I am thankful to Bank Muscat for giving me and my women colleagues many opportunities to develop our skills and grow in our careers at the bank. Bank Muscat has always provided the best possible opportunities to its women employees and this support is a crucial part of why we have done very well. I am proud of all my sisters at the bank and across the country who are working daily to strengthen Oman and its economy in line with the goals of the landmark Oman Vision 2040.

Only for women
It must be noted that in recognition of the unique needs of its women customers and to better support them, Bank Muscat provides dedicated banking services and facilities to women under its Zeinah suite of products. Zeinah ensures privacy and a relaxed atmosphere for women customers at Bank Muscat branches. The unique products available for women include Zeinah Debit card, tailored merchant discounts and a health and beauty finance scheme. Zeinah customers also have specially reserved prizes within the 2021 Al Mazyona prize draws scheme including monthly draws. All Zeinah customers who maintain an average monthly balance of RO 1,000 will be entered into the special Omani Women’s Day draw that will be held soon. The bank has reserved a total of RO 25,000 for the Zeinah special draw which will reward 25 lucky winners with RO 1,000 each. 
More details regarding Zeinah are available at the following link:

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