All things fake

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Many say they have never experienced magic in real life. We beg to differ. Haven’t they seen people disappear into thin air? No?

Tell your party friends; your weekend buddies; your just phone-call-away friend or a close person that you are in big trouble – you need help on an emergency basis; you need to raise some funds on an urgent basis; things are critical, please help and poof the person, your party friend, your dear weekend buddy; your just phone-call-away dear buddy-wubby disappears! You have suddenly changed from a mere fun-loving friend to a friend in NEED and your friends-in-need fade into oblivion.

The best way to sift your real, asli, friend from the fake one is to get into trouble! Go, get into some kind of quick sinking trouble and even though you flail your arms around and shout and scream to them for help, well not literally, you find that they have suddenly lost all sense of hearing! They have gone tone deaf and sometimes as blind as a bat.

All of this happens in a blink and when you are hit and hurt by life’s sudden downsides, you are also in a tad confused state of mind and so you splash around in your bottomless well — not trying to get out but getting more and more tangled in the web of pain, loss and betrayal.

The truth is: there is no point in getting upset. On hindset, you should be glad that you have been able to sift through the fakes in your circle and find this truth; you should be relieved that you have found out the real friend instead of a dangerous fake one.

It’s a leap of faith, where you may often land without a safety chute and hit well, the hard rockbottom of truth. Fake is fake. You can’t gild this poison-ivy. Fake people will dump you like you were a leper and then move on, latching on to better unsuspecting victims. The fakes are all around! All you need is to look.

All you need to do is to drop down. All you need to do is to slip and fall. All you need is to slide down from your high ranks. All you need is to say your boat is sinking. And then without even a double take, they will do a disappearing act leaving you more hurt than ever.

The problem is that these fakes are good. Good at what they do. You may easily fall for them because, they have good personalities; they have a glib tongue and they tell you all the right things (or so you may think at that early stage) that you may want to hear, but bring the words they speak close to your heart and you will realise that almost all of what they had said rang with a false note, something you may tend to miss in the cacophony of purported friendship. Oh they tightly cling to you when the going is good but the moment it cracks, they let go. You realise that their love was just a flash in the pan and it amounted to zilch.

It’s the same with all things fake. Not just people. Not just their fake feelings. But with things. With the items that you purchase. You want to buy the latest phone from a wheeler dealer and you get a raw deal. Yes, of course, it costs much less than the ones available at the original dealers of the phone, but then what you are holding in your hand and pressing to your ear isn’t the genuine article.

Now, there is a market out there; there is also a demand for these fake stuff and that is why this segment thrives. If there was no demand, it would not survive.

And that is what we would like to tell you this time: how the non-genuine people as well as items exist, sometimes rubbing shoulders with the asli ones.

Oman is doing everything possible to get the market rid of the sale and spread of the counterfeit products that are available in town. But what do we do about the ‘fakes’ in our lives?

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